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Updated on January 14, 2017

Internet and globalization of jobs

We have always heard about companies being an equal opportunity employer. If you are still unaware of the fact, it means to be neutral towards an applicant’s gender, creed, community, language and all other attributes the applicant comes under. Sounds pretty well.

What about employing people from all over the world?

It has really become a viable option. With the spreading growth of internet-equipped households, the jobs can now be offered to people from all over the world. Think about the huge benefits and advantages it offers to the companies and you’ll definitely be floored by the benevolence of this wise idea.

First, if you recruit people from different parts of the world, you get maximum benefits of a brainstorming procedure that is affected by the most diverse personalities. When you recruit people from various nations, you get the benefit of diverse backgrounds, ideologies and personalities. This can be a huge asset for an organization. Especially, for the creative agencies, this can be a great deal.

So, why the companies are not spreading their wings yet?

Although, with internet, the possibilities are unlimited, most organizations are still out of touch from such a global phenomenon. Many companies believe that work from home positions don’t really bring the best out of the candidates as they are not working in a compact atmosphere. The workers are also allowed or are aligned towards flexibility and this may affect the quality of outputs. Moreover, companies also believe that the management of employees who are situated in diverse locations is a tough task. There are factors related with legal and political systems too.

But, this is really a exciting and global idea.

Well, truly speaking, some companies can never adopt work from home options. Manufacturing companies, for instance, cannot have people who work from home. But, wait. There are a lot of service organizations that can really adopt it. If you consider writing and editing, transcription, tutoring, lecturing and consultancy services, these can really be performed from home.

This will open up a host of throttling ideas if implanted with proper planning. People working from India, for the US companies are such a good idea. It really makes the organizations get rich benefits. Plus, there are savings too- you don’t need an office, no need to pay travelling allowances too. The employees also get tons of benefits- higher pay, better opportunities and appreciation from a global community are only some of these.

But, equal opportunity is, till now, just a concept in the web world. Companies do not think it to be a wise option, Therefore, I think, equal opportunity is just an idea. There is no equality of opportunities in practical terms. At least, not on the web world. Otherwise, the companies from US would not steer clear from accepting applications from India. When it comes to employing foreign candidates, I believe, there are only 1% of companies that are truly global.

Is it hurting? Yes, it is.

I really think service-oriented organizations should open up their doors to participants from all parts of the globe. It will happen one day for sure- but when will that day come?

Waiting is really tough task. Huh!

Good vibes.
Good vibes.


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