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GOLDXTREME: A Review on the Newest Hype in Town

Updated on June 13, 2015

This is not to inform everyone reading this that the newly hyped pyramiding business scheme is a scam. This article would try to review the scheme in the most objective manner – why payout is possible and why the so-called company can even reward perks such as cars to top performers, give 14K gold, etc. To begin with, I am not a GoldXtreme member but having friends who are members and already got their payouts, I would just like to share what I had researched from the worldwide web and through personal queries with friends who have invested their money on.


Instead of having to start or talk about history, which is pretty much everywhere already in the web, I would like to delve rather first on the legality of the entity and its activities. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), GOLDXTREME is registered as a partnership “engaged in the business of wholesale and retail sales of such products as gold jewelry but not limited to products such as fashion accessories, cellphone loads, prepaid cards, 3-pin, scents and other related products.” On legality point of view, I guess the fact that GOLDXTREME is registered with SEC means that the organization really exists and that the SEC had already approved its business activities.

Trust me when I say that in the Philippines, it is not that hard to create a new firm and have it registered. When I say “not hard”, I mean fast. I’ve been in a very volatile industry with cutthroat competition for quite some time now, doing competitive analysis works tracking down trends and, on the process, able to check on who’s in and out, and I have seen a lot of companies coming and going in a snap, that is, those who don’t have deeper pockets and able to swallow huge losses or couldn’t bounce back right away could easily disappear, but they can always re-enter the business with a whole new business name and all. Taking from this observation, in registering, which is the first thing any entrepreneur/business owner has to do to legalize any commercial activity, for as long as you have the requirements, you are good to go.

Going back to GOLDXTREME, what’s surprising to me though is that each of the “investors” I know had never really mentioned to me about the diversity of the business as is stated in SEC except that the business is into gold trading. There you go – gold trading or “wholesale and retail sales of gold products” in the language of SEC.

I couldn’t blame a lot of my friends who have joined in it because of the really attractive “investment offer”. I was informed that you can invest as low as PHP 5,000 and surely, you will get PHP 25,000 in as fast as a few weeks time only. Put in your PHPH 25,000 and be paid back with PHP 100,000. Wow isn’t it? Just WOW! Three hundred percent (300%) to 400% increase in a few weeks time, who doesn’t want that? – which brings me to my next interest for discussion.


A typical business owner would give investors a fair and reasonable share of the profits. Fair and reasonable would mean an amount that would not jeopardize the sustainability of the business to keep its income stream and therefore protect the organization’s health and longevity. This means that in order for a Return on Investment equivalent to as high as 300%-400% to be feasible and at a relatively short time at that, the business must be doing really really really good; hence my next topic.


What’s the business about again? Gold trading I was told, and etcetera according to SEC. We all know that the etcetera part would not give you that much profits in too short a time. So let’s take a look at the rather new-sounding business venture.

Just like any other business, gold trading is not as easy as it may seem. Since gold is traded globally, prices and profits are affected also by movements in the global market for precious metals which is driven by supply and demand, forex, stock markets, seasonality to name a few. There are a lot of websites in the internet which you can browse on for some no-nonsense updates on the world gold industry. Here are some of my picks:









Judging from the looks of it, there is only one conclusion I can draw from: There is no way you can earn huge profits in crazily short time with gold trading. This mind-boggling fact led me to believe that a big chunk, if not 100%, of the earnings each investor receives come from the money put in by recruits. So let me go back to my previous discussion on the promise of return.


GOLDXTREME promises of a payout of as high as PHP 25,000 for every PHP 5,000 investment, and as much as PHP 100,000 if you invest PHP 25,000. The catch however, is you have to reach Level 4 to be able to “exit the table” and receive the payout. Here is a diagram of the levelling and the required members to achieve Level 4 on the table.

Upon joining and cashing out, you would need to recruit for member/s to build your table. To reach level 4 in order for you to “exit”, you would need to fill in a total of 14 more slots in the table or a total of 14 members under you with 2 members below each member. After “exit”, you can re-invest and once again build your table of 15 members (including you) and “exit” again. For each “exit”, you will be receiving a payout. To illustrate, here is a table I made showing the cash inflows (investments from recruits) and cash outflows (payouts).

The 5,000 refers to the PHP 5,000 investment of each recruit which is the minimum investment set by GOLDXTREME. Since “exit” and payout happens after completing 4th level in the table (or if the member achieves Level 4), I colored the columns the same for entry (left column) and exit points (right column) of the member/s.

For example, in the orange colored columns, the one in the left is the entry point of the member and the one in the right is the exit period, that is after completing the 4th level on the table or after 8 new members are recruited to fill in the last 8 slots of the 4-level table. As can be seen, once 15 members is completed which also completes a table for the 1st member in the table of 15 members, payout for that 1st member of the table is made, and so on.

In the SUMMARY BOARD, Row A shows the number of participants per investment level. Assuming, for the purpose of discussion, that we start at the very beginning of the business operations, we therefore have only 1 member yet. That 1 member is required to recruit 2 members which will be placed directly under him on the table.

Row B presents that during the time the 1st member is able to recruit 2, total number of recruits is already 3. When these 2 new recruits are able to have 2 recruits each resulting in additional 4 members, total number of members by then would be 7, and so on.

In Row C and D, you will see the number of recruits or members that will be paid out once each of them reach Level 4.

With the assumption of pay-out of PHP 25,000 for each PHP 5,000 investment, Row E shows the total payout for all members reaching level 4.

Collected cash from members is shown in Row F, while Row G is basically the Net Cash remained after the all cash outlays. As can be seen, net of payouts is about 52% of the total cash investments.

In Row I, it can be noted that only a maximum of about 11% of the total members are paid out at a time, that is assuming the pyramidic table is perfectly filled up.

Extending the above SUMMARY BOARD, that is with increasing number of members, investment, payout, and net cash received by the company also increases.

In Row G in above board, notice the very large accumulation of cash. With this amount, giving additional rewards won’t hurt. GOLDXTREME, as I learned from the net and videos made by members trying to encourage the public to join, is giving away cars for top performers. I wonder how many top performers are rewarded with cars each month or each year. Nonetheless, I still think, the cash GOLDXTREME collects from recruitment is quite a lot and is more than enough to fuel their current investment scheme.


While researching, I chanced upon an advisory from the SEC. Here is a screenshot of the notice from the Philippine government agency. It is up to you on how you'll take it.



On a personal note, whether or not to give away some cash for a much bigger cash in return is really your choice. You will be lucky if you are part of the 11-12% who will be able to get their investment back with growth way higher than what banks can offer, in a time period way too short than what stocks can give. But what about the 88-89% which you have direct or indirect contribution to having them join? Surely, if the return on investment would only heavily rely on "membership fees", then it is doomed to fail. It will surely fail.

To be honest, at some point, I entertained the idea of having a family member join to at least earn additional cash. But the more I think about it and the more I researched about it, I realized it would not be a good decision. I just think that earning directly from other people's money isn't right. I would rather earn from profits coming from true productive investments, rather than from a pool of cash collected from members.

I intend for this article to be progressive. So this will be edited from time to time whenever I get more information about GOLDXTREME.


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    • profile image

      shiela 2 years ago

      hello guys sumali din po ako sa godxtreme un nga na inganyo nadn po ako. hnd xa scam kasi merun ka tlgang makukuhangpera qng mka exit ka pero qng wla ng invite wla ndn d ndn gglaw ang mga table soo wla ng mpapaexit kea aun ngyareyare ngyun mag 2 months na po until now d padin nkaka exit at prang hnd na tlga paano pa makaka exit eh umaasa lang sa mga taong may mag iinvest nag slbng aral to sakn na dpat tlga ang lahat ng bagy pnaghhrpan dpt d ssli na sa 2 weeks lalake ang 5t mo.

    • profile image

      Jernie 2 years ago

      Can i repost this on social media just to warn friends and relatives and for the info of the public? thank you.

    • iamheaven profile image

      iamheaven 2 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Mitz, no problem. It feels good to know there are still a lot of people who share the same sentiment as mine on all these seemingly neverending too-good-to-be-true schemes and feel really sad for those people who just go out of their values for money.

    • profile image

      Anicadr 2 years ago

      Nkklungkot.... nangyari na ito ng ilang beses. Pero kinakagat pa rin ng mga kababayan natin. Sobrang nalulungkot ako sa mga kbbyan ko sa san miguel, hook na hook sila dyan. Sana mabasa nila ito at maliwagan.

    • profile image

      Mitz 2 years ago

      I wish to thank you for coming up with this article. just a few min ago, an agent of this scam came to me and insisted that I joined in. Google was fast as I searched about it in the net right in front of the agent and she just go away after I told her "NO". I believe in karma and yes, I agree with you that it is unethical to earn such a huge cash.

      I hope you don't mind my action of sharing your blog on my fb wall to warn others too....

      God bless :)

    • profile image

      Lelei 2 years ago

      I feel the same way cause i have friends who also fell for this. I also did some research and all i could really tell them was to be careful and know when to stop. They might be lucky not to loose any money but they will surely loose friends who were not so lucky.

    • iamheaven profile image

      iamheaven 2 years ago from Philippines

      Hi AR, agree. And i quote " Money is the root of all evil" :)

    • profile image

      AR 2 years ago

      It's not a question of how much you earn, but how did you earn? Do you value money more than your values that you disregard the fact that it's only a matter of WHEN until someone from your downline will cry being scammed?

    • profile image

      Joe Bulles 2 years ago

      SEC should act on this matter.. They need to stop this!

    • iamheaven profile image

      iamheaven 2 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Anna, I think the best thing that we can do for them is pray. I just realized it's the only thing I could do for them as a friend.

    • profile image

      Anna 2 years ago

      Thank you for this article. We are of the same dilemma. I'm worried about hurting my friends' feelings since they are already members and of course, are very active with their recruitment campaign. :(

    • iamheaven profile image

      iamheaven 2 years ago from Philippines

      I felt the same way. And yes, my FB wall is flooded with 1,000 bills as well.. reason why i wrote this. But honestly, I couldn't bring myself to post this in my FB account because I don't want to hurt my friends' feelings because of course the writer is somebody they know personally (my picture is in hubpages and I dont want to remove it!). They might get hurt. I mean, I already said my piece to them but t no avail. Anyway, I know there are still a lot out there whom I can help.

    • profile image

      lexxuss47 2 years ago

      they released an "Official Statement" on its website claiming they agree on SEC Advisory. ofcourse they find ways to counter,by using the not-so-new terminologies that sounds catchy to the members and prospects: "swap program" (for pyramiding)and "group effort"(recruiting) disturbs me honestly everytime someone in my friends list on fb posts some pics of group of people waving with cash on hand,and there's always somebody that will comment they wanna join too.

    • iamheaven profile image

      iamheaven 2 years ago from Philippines

      hi lexxuss47. Same here. They are all saying it's true because they received cash. Of course they will receive cash, else the scheme will die right away. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to one's moral philosophy. Personally, how one is earning thru this scheme is unethical. and I believe in karma. There are a lot of ways one can earn thru non-mainstream income generating ventures like investing in stock market. And certainly, this GoldXtreme thingy is not even considered non-mainstream. Honestly, it is stealing with style.

    • profile image

      lexxuss47 2 years ago

      I thank God for people like you still living here on earth. I have friends too who are still believing, defending and promoting this scam after I warned them out of concern.