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GSA Magazine

Updated on December 14, 2012
The GSA does have a periodical that small business are allowed to advertise in to promote their GSA schedule.
The GSA does have a periodical that small business are allowed to advertise in to promote their GSA schedule. | Source

GSA Magazine

There is a GSA magazine that can help GSA contract holders help promote their business. That GSA magazine is called MarkeTips. It features information about government procurement, highlights GSA news, articles about property and supply management, pieces about GSA partnerships, upcoming events, and all things GSA users need to know. Things like GSA rates changes, which fall under the purview of the travel and transportation duties of the General Services Administration.

The help that GSA magazine MarkeTips provides is the free advertising inside for GSA schedule holders. Not only is it free but the ad is essentially full page too! Still, as you can imagine the ad space is limited and will take time. There are only twenty ads per issue. Still, the upside is that the price is free and is distributed through the whole federal procurement system. The GSA magazine gets in the hands of the purchasing and contracting professionals.

The GSA Magazine Requirements

There are a number of requirements for ad placement in the GSA magazine and as ads will only be allowed once per contract, you will want to get it right. There are requirements of size, resolution, and file format. Other things to note are adding the GSAAdvantage! Logo along with the vendor’s contract number and schedule number to the advertisement. Some very special things to be aware of are to submit your ad via computer CD and that the GSA magazine only comes out six times a year.

So, get started as soon your GSA contract is approved. This will be one time to not skimp on advertising production and you may want to use a professional advertising firm to produce this GSA magazine ad. Just make sure that the requirements are covered and that your advertisement only features what your contract covers.

Beyond The GSA Magazine

Other marketing tips for your GSA schedule contract besides the GSA magazine are making sure your listing is in the Schedules e-Library, GSA Advantage!, and e-Buy. These are online efforts to connect procurement and purchasing personnel with contract holders and their offerings. Investigate each and make sure your schedule contract and business is listed (and listed correctly).

You may also want to tout your contracts with any OSDBU you are working with. If you are not currently working with an OSDBU and you are serious about getting federal contracts, get started.

The GSA magazine MarketTips is a must for marketing your GSA schedule.


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