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Gaining Pinterest Followers

Updated on January 17, 2013

Social Networking with Pinterest

With over 21 million followers each month, it's high time you include Pinterest as your next social platform. Gaining exposure on Pinterest is a lot like gaining followers on Twitter. You follow one person, repin, comment on their pin, and they in turn follow you. The beauty with Pinterest is you have more flexibility. Now how do you get started?

Stay Active

This doesn't mean spend countless hours at the computer creating pins, organizing your boards and commenting on other pins. All this means is devote a little time everyday to bettering your Pinterest account. All you need is 20 minutes a day. Update your account with your morning coffee, or at lunch or before you go to bed. As long as you take 20 minutes out of your day to devote to it, you will see incredible results.

Pinterest Promotion

Needless to say, you should link your other social network accounts to your Pinterest account. Have you done that already? Good. Now use your other social network accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram) to promote your Pinterest account. Do you have a blog? Then go ahead and share your Pinterest account on your blog, and add the Pinterest code so your readers can Pin your posts. You can also use web sites like Hubpages for that extra bit of Pinterest promotion.

Follow me on Pinterest today!

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Pin Quotes & Cute Images

People love quotes. Whether motivional, humorous, serious or romantic, for whatever reason, quotes are extremely popular on Pinterest. Feel free to create an entire board devoted to popular quotes. I myself created a board on some of the best motivational tips. Another thing people love are cute images. A baby sleeping in a hammock. Cute. A cat nuzzling a dog's nose. Cute. A "dancing" horse. Cute. Get the picture? People can get lost for hours on a board devoting to these types of pictures, and that's your goal. To make your board so interesting that nothing matters but the images you've uploaded.

Follow the Popular Kids

If you find someone who shares your interests, pins important content and has a large following, then go ahead and follow them. This will bring attention to your Pinterest account to a larger network of people. Repin their content to your heart's content, because they'll notice you eventually. They may either follow you, repin or comment on one of your pins, thus giving you even more exposure. So the next time you go to Pinterest, find a user who has amassed over a million followers and who shares your interest. Now follow them.

Key Phrasing

It's very important to label your pins properly. I have stumbled upon numerous pins that have an image labelled as "Want This." This label means nothing because it's too general. If I'm looking for a recipe for a banana smoothie, and your banana smoothie pin is labeled "yummy", it's likely I won't stumble across your pin. When people search for a specific pin, the keywords need to be specific, as well.

Multiple Boards

According to Andew Miller, who achieved 26,000 Pinterest followers in three days, if you have a large number of well organized boards, users will come and see what you're pinning. When creating your boards, steer clear of general titles such as "Fun Times". Make your boards attractive and collect images from multiple resources. Don't forget to continuously update your pin boards to stay relevant. If you build it (as in Pinterest boards), they will come (as in Pinterest followers).

Express your Personality

Use a board to express your own personality.

But wait. Isn't Pinterest all about expressing your personality? After all, we're pinning our interests.

This is true. But rather than creating boards such as "Healthy Eating" or "Funny Cat Pictures", create a board that relates primarily to you as an individual. On my Pinterest account, you will find a board labeled "My Random Personality", and within this board you'll see everything that defines who I am. From old videos, to my favorite drinks, to books I'm currently reading--I offer all the random elements of me. You want to make a name for yourself on Pinterest, right? Start off by creating a personal (though not too personal) identity.

Using #Hashtags

Much like Twitter, hashtags go a long way on Pinterest. This will make your content more reachable to other Pinterest users. Hashtags are important for the people who use the Pinterest search feature, so throw in a relevant hashtag whenever possible.

You're on your way to establishing a strong social networking platform. If you haven't done so, read my article on how to gain Twitter followers. Find out how you can double, maybe triple the amount of followers you currently have.


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