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Gaming Surveillance and Investigation (Security) Training and Job Opportunities

Updated on January 21, 2012

Casinos need security personnel to act as gaming surveillance officers and gaming investigators. In addition to public safety, these job positions are necessary to prevent theft and cheating at the gaming tables. While Nevada and Las Vegas are the major suppliers of these gaming surveillance and investigation jobs, there are thousands of such workers spread across dozens of U.S. states.

About 27 states have job openings for this profession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 6,620 combined gaming surveillance personnel and investigators in May of 2010. They earned a modest median salary of about $31,000. However, for those interested in the action of catching cheaters and protecting the public, this can be a stressful but rewarding job.

If looking for one of these jobs, it is no surprise that Nevada has the highest number of them, at about 750. But many would not know that Washington, which has many land-based casinos, was tied with California with about 480 gaming surveillance officers and investigators. Mississippi, which is famous for its riverboat gambling, is close behind at about 420 jobs. The other state in the top 5 is Indiana, with 390 jobs. These employment figures are all from May of 2010.

There are no specific training or educational requirements to get casino security jobs except whatever the local gaming board requires. That is typically a license. While there is generally no exam for such license, expect to have to pass a background check. Casinos do not need thieves guarding the hen house, and states generally do not allow that, anyway. That is the reason for the licensing and background-check requirements.

Apply with the casinos directly for surveillance and investigation jobs. Those with any college classes in casino management or criminal justice may find it easier to get these particular gaming jobs.


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