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General Motors : A Visit to Flint (2004)

Updated on November 24, 2010

Flint - anno 2004

Flint is a former glory , that paid a very heavy price for the years of decline of the American automobile industry. The famous highlights of an incredibly rich past stand sharply in contrast with its almost complete eclipse .

There is no doubt that the city does everything it can to embellish and reconstruct, but that represents a major investment, handicapped by sparse resources, due to an incredible unemployment rate of more than 25 % !

On the (very sparse...) documentation, the Flint Convention Center is referred to as an information and visitors center, but we just couldn't find it, nor was it indicated anywhere...

Alfred Sloan Museum (General Motors)

After some research and with the help of our GPS, we eventually ended up in the Alfred P. Sloan Museum.

It presents an overview of the history of Flint's most successful car manufacturer, General Motors.

Buick Gallery and Research Center

The nearby Buick Gallery and Research Center is actually more of an antique garage, in which some twenty-five cars are stashed somewhat haphazardly.

The collection is certainly noteworthy as to Old Timers, but it includes only very few of their more recent top hits...

I still cherish the memory of my ancient but oh so beautiful 1977 Buick Electra Limited Park Avenue. It was unique !

Buick City

Buick City was a large manufacturing complex in the northwest of Flint.

The 235 acre (951,000 m²) complex dated from 1904, but in 1984 it became known as Buick City.

The complex was closed on June 29, 1999 and demolished in March 2002.

Lansing : GM Truck Division

The last factory of General Motors in Flint, the truck division, was situated along the I-69 in Lansing.

It was demolished in 2006...

Video : Flint Michigan

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