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Generate Emergency Cash

Updated on January 29, 2011

Make $1000 in 24 Hours

What would you do if you needed money fast like by tomorrow? Is there a way you can make some really fast cash if you had a pressing need? Fortunately the internet offers several ways that you can make money quickly if you need to. This article provides advice on one way that you can generate emergency cash.

The first thing you need to do is find a problem that a lot of people need solved. The more pressing the better. Where do you find these problems? By visiting forums and looking for indicators of extreme pain. People will happily pay for a product that can alleviate their pain.

Once you have found a problem that people need solved you will need to produce a short report explaining how to solve their problem. Don’t worry, producing a report is not as difficult as it sounds. It doesn’t have to be a long report ten to fifteen pages is sufficient. You can really speed up the process by using private label rights products. This report on How to Generate Emergency Cash is a special report that I produced to make some quick cash, it’s a more detailed version of what is in this article. It costs just $5 and comes with full private label rights so you can sell it yourself as a way to make some quick cash.

The key to making quick cash is to price your report so that it people have little reluctance to buy it. People usually don’t think twice about purchasing a product that costs less than ten dollars. The other thing you need to do is to make a giant promise. It has to be a promise that is so big it seems unbelievable, keeping in mind it can’t be a false promise.

The easiest way to sell your report is to sign up for a free trial account with E-junkie, but you can also set up your own website and process orders through Paypal if you want to.

The next thing you need to do is promote your product. If you already have your own list or a highly trafficked blog this should be fairly easy, if not your going to have to put in a little more work. In this case you will probably want to try forum marketing, posting in blog comments and possibly use PPC.

Why should you sell your own product instead of promoting an affiliate product? The primary reason if you need money quickly is that it can take more than a month to actually get paid. Selling your own product means that the money goes straight to you. The other reason is that you can price your product to sell. Good luck finding an affiliate product that sells for less than ten dollars. Trying to sell a forty dollar product is going to be a lot more difficult.

There you go how to make some emergency money quickly. You probably won’t make $1000 in 24 hours unless you already have a really good list and a successful blog. But anybody can make some quick cash by following these steps. If you want more advice or you need a product to sell you can get Generate Emergency Cash for just $5 and comes with full resale rights


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