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Generating Leads

Updated on September 22, 2010

Tips for Generating Leads Online

Why do you go online and create a site where you can market your products? Of course, to generate some leads. Generating leads online is helpful and is a good way for you to answer firsthand the questions of your potential clients, allowing you to communicate with them the essence of doing business with you.

Why do people do online researches? Merely because directly interacting with someone is the very thing that they want to avoid. All they want is delight and enlightenment achieved through a simple click and there you’ll be to answer all their unspoken queries.

How will you get to convince them that you are important to them, in order for these people to give you something valuable too by becoming leads? Read the following tips which will help you in getting started.

Online Lead Generation Advice

E-business is something which can only be successful if you are good in persuading because this type of business is really all about persuasion. Who are you persuading and what are you urging them to do are just two of the key questions in the persuasive process. If your main goal is to generate leads, you can gain more visitors with SEO packages and you typically will persuade your site visitors to fill up a certain contact form, download a demo or white paper, register, opt into an email list or newsletter and ask them to forward or bookmark your content to a friend.

Once you have successfully created the so-called personas or the “who’s,” identify the actions you want them to do. You can now design an online experience that will answer the third basic question which is about how you will persuade them.

The first tip is for you to come up with a relevant message. Find out what matters the most to your visitors and once you found their buttons, push it by presenting them some juicy and nice relevant messages.

Second, as much as possible avoid jargons because if you do, people will think that you are not really interested to talk to them, making them pay less attention. If in case you have to incorporate a jargon, keep it low profile or better yet provide them with link where they will learn about its meaning.

Generating Sales Leads

If you really want to be successful online, avoid the “Me, Myself and I” attitude. This is not all about you, it’s about your visitors. Put your visitors on the centre stage and make them aware that you understand them and their needs.

Also, keep things that you ask for only on a minimal level. Do not force them to give something more than what they want. Remember that they are your leads and as much as possible, you don’t want to lose them. Help them also to see things on your site and don’t let them wonder around for hours. Present to them everything you want to show them and make sure that you will be able to qualify their needs once they found their way to your site. Build rapport and help them find what they need quickly.

The last tip for successfully generating sales leads is to evaluate what you have done to help you in figuring how to do it much better next time. Consider the responses, the time they have spent on your site, rejects, especially those on the contact pages and also the leads-to-close ratio. Try to integrate one or two of these tips and see what happens to your site.


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