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How to Generate Free Leads to Your Products and Services Online

Updated on December 16, 2009

How to get quality mlm leads

When you talk of leads, we are referring to potential buyers or business partner. In today’s life and mode of doing business, especially word of mouth we require either buyers or business partners, the more you have these leads the higher the chance of converting one into a sale. The constant flow of leads greatly increases our success rate. Without generating leads, the entrepreneur/business person will not increase his commissions and sales. There are so many ways to generate leads and some are discussed below

  1. People who are interested in your products will always subscribes to your listing, listing becomes one of the biggest lead generation tool, with regular updates the potential business partners will one day buy or become your business lead partner if you are doing interactive marketing
  2. Events – the other strategy to generate leads is through events like party, golfing and other socializing places, during these rare occasion ensure that you utilize your time fully by know people and exchanging business cards, have discussion on the ongoing events without getting much into what you are doing. This is your first contact with this person and remember you are just generating a new lead through business exchanges
  3. Free leads can be generated from socialization forums like twitter, face book and other places on the internet
  4. Buying leads from other companies is the latest lead generation techniques, companies will sell lead from as low as $10 per lead. Companies selling leads give the following: - Full name or legal name, Address the current address, Contact number and Email address

5.  Getting leads from the Internet – leads can be generated from the internet by offering      freebies, with these kind of offer you will have many people signing up for your newsletter, this is the most effecting lead generating technic. There are ad placement on the internet which encourages people to download these software. Before the leads downloads he will have to register her personal information and will agree to be receiving product updates from you

6. Trial programs – most companies generate their leads by offering products for trial, with this the person may agree to receive free products update but through these update you will get promotional materials

7. Networking – leads can be generated through networks, your immediate friends at some points will introduce you to their friends and with continue discussion you will be able to get a lead. Networking is the most powerful tool to generate leads since you will be talking to these people face to face, The entrepreneur must also look into newspapers and business journals for announcements of meetings of different organizations, clubs, and interest groups. This will enable him identify people with interest on the offer he has, through this he will also be able to identify people who wants the product his promoting

8.As it is my virtue there are a lot of lead generating software and information on the internet, it is very easy to get these information online from people and companies that have good techniques on how to generate leads


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