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Get A Job Or Start An Internet Business

Updated on August 22, 2009

fatigue by robertt,

Sucky Job or Internet Business

So, what's it gonna be? Are you going to stick with that sucky JOB of yours, or are you going to show a little backbone and start your own business? You have been saying that you are going to quit that job and start your own business since the time that dinosaurs walked the earth so isn't it about time you did something about it?

And since you are going to start a business, you might as well start one of those Internet types. You know, where you can work 10-15 minutes a day, relaxing on the beach with palm tress swaying in the wind and a piña colada in your hand?

From what I learnt from the advertisement, the 10-15 minutes is actually for you to get online and check how much you have earned the previous day. So if you are not too concerned about that, you actually don't need to do any work at all.

And the money from such a business is not bad either. It starts off paying just hundreds a month, but after a few months it will reach a few thousand and after a year,.......


In case you are wondering, I'm kidding. There is no such business, whether online or offline, in which you hardly work, and the money comes rolling in.

But Internet businesses are a reality and many people are making good money from such businesses. If you are really considering taking the leap into such a business, I have outlined the advantages and disadvantages of an Internet business for you to mull over.

The Sky Is The Limit

In many jobs, you will hit a glass ceiling after a few years, in which you will find it difficult or impossible to advance further.  That is understandable as there can only be that many CEOs, managers or supervisors in one company.

With an Internet business, you can fly as high as you want to.  The success of your business is wholly dependent on your ability, your effort and the time you put into it.  The only ceiling you will face is the size of the Internet.

Flexible Hours

In an Internet business, you can work as and when you want to. If you need a day off, go ahead and take it. If you need to take half an hour off each day to fetch your kid from school, by all means.

But just because the hours are flexible does not mean that you are working less. If anything, you will probably need to work longer hours to get your business off the ground, especially at the beginning.


You do not get a regular paycheck. You get paid if your business does well, if not, well, you don't get any money for that month.

But really, the money's great. In the beginning, it's going to be a struggle. If you stick it out, do the right things, work hard, you can potentially earn much more than you ever will in a normal job.

But also remember that in business, success is never guaranteed.

Working Alone

For most Internet businesses, your work will be done solely online. And you probably will be the only person working on the business during the startup phase.

If you are an extrovert and enjoy the social interactions in the office, this is one aspect of an online business that you must seriously consider before taking the plunge.

The Buck Stops Here

If there is anything in your business that is not working, you have got to fix it. Whether it is a bad link on your site, or corruption of the database, or a package not delivered, or a customer not happy with your product, get the idea.

You are the boss. You are no longer an employee in the accounts department on a monthly paycheck. You, and you alone, is in completely control of your business. And that means you are responsible for any problems that may crop up.

Low Barrier to Entry

An Internet business can be very cheap to start. The cost of a domain name, monthly web hosting charges and an Internet connection are all you need. Of course you will probably need to contract out some work, buy some tools, some information, etc. But $1000 to start and $100-$200 monthly running costs should be enough for most startups.

The low costs also work against you in that every Tom, Dick and Harry will be in the fray with you, fighting tooth and nail for every piece of business that comes along.


While an Internet business is a great opportunity, it is not for everyone. Do your homework before deciding to start one. Or, better yet, try it out on a part time basis. If things work out, you can ditch that job. If not, the job is not that bad, right? ;)


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    • wandererh profile image

      David Lim 8 years ago from Singapore

      If nothing else, this "hub thing" has a very friendly and supportive community. :) Do look into it.

    • profile image

      Tim 8 years ago

      Well said Wandererh, I found your article on Twitter. Think I just might look into this hub thing.

    • wandererh profile image

      David Lim 9 years ago from Singapore

      Of course, I will.

    • guidebaba profile image

      guidebaba 9 years ago from India

      OK. Do share if you ever come across any such info. Have nice time.

    • wandererh profile image

      David Lim 9 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks! As for making money from videos, I have not looked into that. Sorry! And good job on that other hub of yours about making money from photos.

    • guidebaba profile image

      guidebaba 9 years ago from India

      Good Job wandererh. I am looking forward to read some REAL GOOD THING for myself since I know about all the 3 Hubs that you have written. I was recently doing some research on making money from videos on video site. Can you share your thoughts and ideas on this ?