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Get A Job Today Be Unemployed No More Tips For Ex-Cons To Get Hired Now

Updated on November 30, 2014

Stop Paying And Paying For What You Did Time For

You made mistakes in your life you are not proud of,it cost you possibly 6 months to 20-25 years of your life in a jail or prison.The crime had tore apart your family,making them do time along with you.In the past you may have followed the wrong crowd who got you into trouble.You looked for the quick buck easily made from various illegal activities.No one needs to remind you of what you know all too well about the rough life you have lived that is tearing you apart.You ask yourself is it current high unemployment rate,a modern day depression or your criminal past keeping you from finding employment.

Picture of success
Picture of success

It All Begins With A Positive Attitude

Don't think a negative thought that will make you feel bad about yourself.Think positive and be focused on a singular goal, finding employment and preparing yourself for employment.Not your past,not the bill you cannot pay or the lack of help you are currently unable to give yourself or your family or both right now.Remember the old saying," time will take care of things" and tell it to yourself repeatedly when the negative thoughts creep up on you and try to take over your mind, and make you neglect your body.Listen to motivational speakers on books and videos.Hang in there even when the going get's tough,because it will.You survived life behind bars because you are made of strong stuff,so do not give up now or never.

Career news
Career news

How You Should Be Spending Your Time These Days For Success In You Quest For Employment

You should attend Job Readiness workshops that can be given by a local non-profit often advertised in your local paper.But if you been unemployed so long that you had to go on welfare. Board of Social Services will after a short time getting benefits will make it mandatory that you be in job search program at your local welfare office or State Employment Office,more better known to you as the Department Of Labor.Instead of dreading these programs take advantage of them.At these workshop and programs you can get help preparing your resume and job coached in how to answer tough interview questions.Your local library also has programs for the job searcher.So don't hesitate to seek these programs out because they can help you.

Job Readiness Workshops

How many of you have already attended job readiness workshops

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Horrible Realities After Finding Work For The Ex-Con

In many poor neighborhoods in the U.S. as many as one-fifth of the adult men are in prison at any given time.When they are released,they are unable to find work and when they do find work they earn less money. reported in prison category of the lack of opportunity former prisoners return to prison is very high.Don't let this be your reality you can turn lemons into lemonade.Hopefully ,you were among the 26 percent of the prison population that had completed their GED while serving time in a correctional facility.Reported Bureau of Justice Statistics by Carolina Wolf Harlow,PHD BJS Statistician. 68% of state inmates did not recieve a High School Diploma.

Bad News On Prison Population
Bad News On Prison Population

What To Include With Your Job Application and or Resume

Attach Bonding flier
to Resume
to Job Application
What To Do With The Information You Are About To Recieve

The Federal Bonding Program-A Us Department Of Labor Initiative Since 1966

This Job Placement tool provides Fidelity Bonds that guarantee honesty for at risk hard to place jobseekers.The bonds cover the first six months of employment.There is no cost to the job applicant or the employer.In most states the bonds are available through the state agency responsible for worforce matters.The Federal Bonding Program is a partnership between the U.S.Department Of Labor and the McLaughlin Company,an insurance brokerage firm,as agent for Traveler Casualty and Surety Company Of America. Individuals seeking bonding call the following toll-free number for the location of the nearest workforce office/One Stop center nearest your home. Call Toll free 1-877-872-5627.

News To Know
News To Know

Who Is Eligible For Federal Bonding

Any at-risk job applicant is eligible for bonding services,including Ex-Offenders,Recovering Substance abuser[Alcohol or Drugs]Welfare Recipients and other persons having poor financial credit.Economically Disadvantaged Youth and Adults who lack a work history,individuals dishonorably discharged from the military,and others.Which includes anyone who can't secure employment without bonding. All persons bonded must meet the legal working age set by the state in which the job exists.Self employed persons is not eligible. Bonding coverage can apply to any job at any employer in the state. Bonds can be issued to cover already employed workers who need bonding in order to a) Prevent being laid off or b) secure a transfer or promotion to a new job at the company. reported website

How Quickly Are Bonds Issued

Bonds are issued instantly to be in effect the day that the applicant is scheduled to start work,the bonds are self terminating(no termination paperwork needed),and the employer does not sign any papers in order to receive the bond free of charge.The bond insurance issued ranges from $5,000 to $25,000 coverage for a 6 month period with no deductible amount[employers gets 100% insurance coverage] When this bond coverage expires,continued bond coverage can be purchased from Travelers by employer if the worker demonstrated job honesty under coverage provided by the Federal Bonding program.Bonds can be issued to the employer as soon as the applicant has a job offer with a date scheduled to start work.


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