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Get Certified in Project Management for a New Career

Updated on January 10, 2010

Get Certified in Project Management for a New Career

Project Management involves the co-ordination and tracking of large projects accross multiple disciplines. A Project Management certification greatly enhances employment opportunities by demonstrating knowledge of the technology and application in the field.

Project Management Certification training companies offer both online and in-person training resources to help you study for specific examinations. Some companies teach "to the test" in order to get you certified as soon as possible, but usually without job-related experience. Employers look favorably on 'certs', but job experience dramatically improves a resume.

Generally, two types of training are offered: instructor-led and self-paced. Self-paced training can be done at home or at a site provided by the vendor. Almost all technology topics are effectively communicated in a self-paced environment. Students have the opportunity to progress through the material as quickly (or slowly) as they are comfortable. Self-paced training at the vendors' site also has the heavy advantage of a nearby instructor to answer quick questions or assist with system problems. Self-paced training at home is not for everyone; experience indicates that most people are not able to allocate the time unless distractions are removed.

Project Management is a people job and a technology job. Project Managers assume responsibility for negotiating timetables and reporting progress to superiors. They also have a solid grasp of scheduling software and theory. Certification programs in "PM" include education in the use of scheduling software and also exposure to scheduling theory and application, but the face-to-face interaction concomitant with a good PM usually comes through real work experience.

Project Management Introduction (PMP Certification)

Project Management Quick Tips - Lesson 1

Project Management Quick Tips - Lesson 2


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      seologist 4 years ago

      Thank you for the article! It is really interesting.

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      nicomp really 8 years ago from Ohio, USA


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      Sioux Ramos 8 years ago from South Carolina

      This is a career filed I have heard alot about lately, but had no idea what it was exactly or how someone acquired skills for project management. Very informative!