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Get Moolah for Online Surveys

Updated on August 24, 2014

So if you own a computer, have an internet connection and can spare about half an hour of your time, internet paid surveys offers you immense potential for earning decent money each month. The first thing you need to do is sign-up with a Survey Company. In most of the online survey sites, the sign-up process is free of charge, but some of them do carry a one time sign-up fees. For the ones which require a sign-up fee, the amount is not excessive so you’ll make back your money by completing a couple of surveys.

A paid survey will basically collect quantitative information about the economic and personal habits of the participants. The demographics or the area in which you belong is a determinant as well for selecting the right participants for a survey. The job of online survey sites is to collate consumer behavior and preferences on specific products or markets. They are also useful for knowing the views of a particular segment of population on certain products. In turn, the survey sites receive large amounts of cash from the product manufacturers for connecting the product manufacturers to survey participants. As a survey participant, you get a slice of that cash.

There are myriads of advantages when you get online paid surveys. First of all you’ll not be pressurized to complete surveys within a stipulated time. Therefore you can complete them at your own pace. Secondly, you’d be instrumental in the development of a product, since the opinions of the survey takers will determine the features and attributes of a soon-to be-launched product such as a MP3 or an operating system. Third, you’ll have an additional income for those of you who are employed, and for college students it can serve as pocket money. Last but not the least, online paid surveys can truly be pleasurable as many survey sites will offer rewards such as movie tickets or online shopping cards.

There is however certain negative aspects of online surveys which have given it a bad name lately. One of them is the over-saturation of the online survey market. Although there are some genuine survey sites, this overcrowded market prevents them from getting noticed and people join dubious survey sites to eventually find themselves misled. Another con of a few online surveys is that they are far too lengthy and don’t pay as much. The major problem though is the presence of numerous scam sites which pretend to be genuine survey sites. Many people do get trapped in such fraudulent websites. Initially, the aspiring survey takers pay for the registration and then they’re sent spam mails apparently containing links to surveys, which in reality are not even remotely connected to surveys.

All things considered, the positives of online surveys still outweigh its negatives and that’s the reason why the popularity of online paid surveys is soaring. Unlike a full-time job, it’ll hardly ever stress you out and by carefully planning your subscription to online survey sites, you can generate a monthly income which is comparable to the salary from a regular job. Taking a few surveys might fetch you $50 and when you participate in an online focus group, you can be paid $250.

To avoid getting ensnared in scam affiliate network sites and make the most of the time you spend completing surveys, be sure to thoroughly examine each new or unknown survey site with resources such as reviews and scam reporting sites such as scam-busters. Always join sites which are recommended by reliable web sites or experts.

Also important is the method of payment. It’s suggested you sign-up with ones which offer you a variety of payment options such as check, credit card and Paypal. It’s also vital to be aware of the mode of their payment, once you complete the surveys. Be clear on what exactly they are offering you and how they intend to pay you. Get online paid surveys once you’re clear on its benefits. And as millions of others have discovered, it won’t take long before you discover its benefits too.


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