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How to Get More Conversions From Email Marketing?

Updated on December 4, 2015
get more conversions from email marketing
get more conversions from email marketing

Building quality relationship with customers is a marathon, not a sprint. As a marketer or business owner you want to take your business to the next level. Email marketing is the best way to send right message to the right audience at the right time.

According to David Newman, “Email has an ability many channels don't: Creating valuable, personal touches – At scale.” Email is a cost effective tool, you just need a good email service provider and good email copy. If you do it in right manner, you can get more conversions from email.

Did you know that 56% of businesses say they plan to increase their use of email marketing in 2015?

In this article we'll discuss how to get more conversions from your email.

Don't Buy Email Contact List! Build A Highly Responsible Email List

We need subscribers to email. Marketers need them quickly and they buy list from third parties. This tactic could be very dangerous & harmful for your business. How? See this.

  • Don't interrupt people if they dont want to hear from you. It's called Unsolicited email or SPAM.

  • You are violating the rules of CAN-SPAM.

  • It will reduce your deliverability.

  • It will negatively affect your reputation.

  • Your IP could get blacklisted or the domain may get blocked.

Instead of interrupting people, attract people. Permission for communication is the start of a potential business relationship. Here're steps of Email Marketing:

Traffic – Need website visitors

Conversions – Need them to take action

Relationship – Build a relationship via email

As an email marketer, growing your email contact list is imperative to a successful business. You can't rely on your existing customers. You must always look for new subscribers and customers. This process is gradual but is long-lasting.

Most of marketers said that Email is DEAD and Social media is new king of market. It's a misconception! Email is an old strategy but it generates higher conversion rate & ROI compared to social media and other advertising channels.

Email marketing delivers the highest ROI approx $44 per dollar spent.

Email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.

“Always remember social media is for reach, and email is for revenue.”

Number of potential subscribers is currency of successful email marketing. Because targeted subscribers can be converted easily to potential customer. A permission based contact list will help you to improve your customer satisfaction because now you can connect with your subscribers and their needs directly.

Email list is your weapon in this marketing WAR! You have full control of it and if you loose everything in your business then email list will help you to rebuild your business. As your list grow, it will improve your Return on Investment.

Here're few ways which help you to grow your email list this season!

how to grow email list
how to grow email list

1. Design professional and high converting landing pages. Landing page is very effective for lead generation. Here you can collect visitors information required for future contact.

2. Visitor's personal information is a TREASURE!! So you have to provide something valuable in order to get this TREASURE! In marketing you have to Give to Get!

3. Add sign up or opt in form on your website, relevant web pages and blog page. This is most common & popular way to build your list.

4. Use Calls-to-Action (CTA) and get direct traffic to your dedicated & targeted page.

5. Testimonials or customer feedback is very helpful to build a good relationship with your subscribers. Ask for feedback to your satisfied customers and i am sure they will give you postive feedback. You can use some tools to collect testimonials.

6. Use the power of social media. Promote your email signup page on social media and ask for new email subscribers.

7. Host a contest or offer on Facebook which require an email to join this contest. Contests can motivate 52% of consumers to stay connected to a brand.

8. You should build an email optin form on Facebook and turn your fans into subscribers.

9. If you have a physical store, you can collect email ids from your shoppers.

10. You have a blog & you get comments frequently from some regular commentors. You can ask these commentors to subscribe to your blog.

Reach of a Facebook and Twitter posts is very limited, In social media people miss a lot of posts & updates. A Facebook update will reach 2% of your fans. But An Email List Offers a Wide Reach “78% of emails get delivered into subscribers’ inbox”, because they can check their email at any time and not miss a thing!

When subscribers opt into your list, they give you permission to share whatever you have with them. If you help your customers to achieve their goal & satisfy them, they will help you to achieve your goal. Always remember A satisfied customer is your best promoter!

You heard a word in this post so far, “Opt-in”. What is it?

There is two types of optin – Single Optin and Double/Confirmed Optin

Single Optin – As soon as someone signup on your website through a sign up form and enters their email address and hit submit button, they are on your list. It is called single optin.

Double/Confirmed optin – When people click submit after entering email address, they get one verification email to confirm their address. It is called double or confirmed optin. Double-optin help you to build a powerful and quality list.

A small list that wants exactly what you're offering is better than a bigger list that isn't committed. Don't forget to Thank your subscribers for joining your list!

How to Segment Your List

Now you know how to create a list, question is how to segment your list? List segmentation is a powerful tactic to send right message to right people. It gives you a better idea about your subscribers. Here are some variables to segment your list.

1. Segment subscribers based on their geographic area. Geographical list segmentation will be very helpful in order to tailor your promotion to targeted place. For example, you're a restaurant and want to offer a special deal for a specific city. With geographic list segmentation you are able to send more targeted messages.

2. Based on purchase history. Segment subscribers according to their previous purchase history. Create a list of your top buyers and offer them special promotions or rewards.

3. Based on their behaviour. 50% of all shopping carts are abandoned before purchase. Create list segmentation that reach out to these users and offer them special offers to complete their orders.

4. Based on potential subscribers. There are some subscribers who open almost every message you send. Shouldn't you make a reward for your most potential readers? Make a list and plan for something special for your special readers.

5. Based on Demographic, Age, Gender, Organization type, Industry, Job function etc.

6. Survey/Quiz results. 37% of B2B marketers says, lack of user data is the major obstacle for effective segmentation. – B2B magazine. Surveys are a good tool to gather more information about your subscribers & their interests.

7. Customers who don't open email. There are some subscriber who have not opened your mails for quite some time now. Segment these subscribers and send them a message with engaging subject lines and content that attract your subscribers attention and get a reason to join you again.

Create An Email Subject Line That Get Opened

You get a lot of emails in their inbox every day, like Coupons, daily deals & offers, newsletters, password resets, lead nurturing emails, social media notifications, blog posts etc. So what encourage you to open an email? It's the subject line – a very first impression of an email.

I judge an email by its subject line. Studies show, approx 64% of people open an email because of subject line. So you must write a subject line that get opened. Here i am sharing some tips to write a actionable subject line.

1. Keep it short and sweet! Max. 50 characters

2. Subject line has to make sense. Don't make false promises.

3. Create a sense of urgency.

4. Never put your company name & recipient name in subject line.

5. Provide a value. How will recipient benefit from your email?

6. Ask a question to your readers in subject line. It will encourage them to open your email.

7. Don't use ALL CAPS words.

8. Always try A/B testing. And see which subject line performing better.

create engaging subject line
create engaging subject line

How to Design a Professional Email Campaign

So now you know how to build a list, how to segment your list and how to write a engaging subject line. It's time to know how to design a professional & profitable email campaign. There is no formula for perfect email – Authentic, Quality and Honest messaging works. A Successful email marketing requires preparation. Here're some tips which will help you.

Email is a medium to communicate with your subscribers & customers. Always create original, high quality content. Next time when you send emails, people will be excited to open your messages.

Content builds relationships. Relationships are build on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

Create short emails, people aren't interested in reading long emails. Content should be concise & clear.

Personalize your message. Personalisation is not about first name or last name. It's about relevant content.

Use company Logo in your header. Use headings, sub-headings and bulleted points in your email copy.

Use company name as a From name and company's corporate id as a From address.

Include engaging visuals in your email like images, videos etc. When marketers included a video in an email, the click-through rate increased by 200% – 300%.

Email copy should contain text & images in proper manner. Don't do image stuffing. Use ALT tag for your images.

Always keep calls-to-action in your email which encourage recipients to take an action.

Integrate your email with social media to get more out of it. Put social media icons in your email. It will allow readers to share your content on social platforms. Your market reach and brand loyalty will be increased.

Emails with social sharing buttons increase click through rates by 158%.

More than 60% of emails are opened on a mobile device. So you should make your emails mobile responsive. Test how your campaign look in different mobile devices. Also make sure to check visibility in different browsers too.

how to design a professional email campaign
how to design a professional email campaign

How to Measure Success of Email Campaign

You have sent your campaign, now it's time to measure your campaign. To track a campaign there are some metrics you should know about.

1. Open Rate

It is Percentage of recipients who opened your email. There are 2 types of open – Unique open & Total open

Open Rate = No. of emails opened/Total No. of emails delivered

2. Click-through Rate

Click through is number of clicks by recipients. Click through is an important factor to measure a campaign success.

Click Through Rate(CTR) = No. of clicks/Total No. of emails delivered

3. Delivery Rate

It is the percentage of emails delivered in recipients mailbox. Delivery rate is another important metrics to measure campaign success.

4. Bounce Rate

It is percentage of number of emails which are not delivered to recipient's mailbox. There are two type of bounce – Soft Bounce and Hard Bounce

Soft bounce is temporary failure of an email.

Hard bounce is permanent failure of an email.

5. Unsubscribe

When a user don't want to receive an email from you, user can unsubscribe from your list any time by clicking a unsubscription link. There are two top reasons for unsubscribe – Too many emails and irrelevant content.


While practicing email marketing it is very necessary to follow all the basic rules and policies to receive a better result and conversion. prepare a complete professional mail and mail it only to your opt-in subscribers. No one likes uninvited guests and your mail when sent to peoplw who are not opt-in, your mail appears as uninvited guest. Forget this approach, avoid using it. Success never seeks shortcuts, so choose a long path.


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    • profile image

      Namrata Kashyap 

      4 years ago

      Appreciable!! Really an appreciable one. If someone doesn't know the ABC of email marketing he can even catch the each basic point of it. Will wait for your next blog!!

    • profile image

      Preeti Kaushik 

      4 years ago

      A very well written article for those who are planning to start the marketing via emails. Each point is very clear to follow and generate a responsive mailer to attract new subscribers.


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