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Get Paid To......

Updated on June 7, 2011

This phrase starts many websites and articles online. You've probably seen a few of them. Get paid to shop, take surveys, read emails, give your opinion, drive your car. Today that is the one I'm going to focus on. Sounds great, doesn't it? Drive your car, something you already do most likely, and get paid for it. It sounds easy but it isn't near as easy as it sounds. Certainly not as easy as signing up for survey sites and getting paid for a variety of actions and just to be clear many of the websites marketing themselves as survey sites are really paid offers sites although they do offer a few surveys too.

It sounds good so I did a little research into this getting paid to drive. Well, first off finding the companies without buying a directory is close impossible so unless you have loads of time on your hands and most of us don't these days it's more advantageous to just buy the directory but make sure they offer a money back guarantee and not one that makes it difficult to get your money back or be prepared to eat the loss. It only about $30 but who has any money to throw away these days? THere is one that offers the list for $15.

Some of the list may be outdated, some companies don't advertise online, they don't have to. It seems there are more people looking for this new driving opportunity than there are positions to fill.

THere was a time when mystery shopping companies were just as elusive and hard to find as the car advertising companies are today but that is no more. You can find mystery shopping companies all over the place now. In fact one person publishes the list online for all to see making buying a directory obsolete. Hopefully, that will be the case with these car advertising companies one day.

To be exact, most of the advertisers put a full or half wrap on your vehicle and some cannot guarantee it won't damage your paint. So if you're not prepared to have damaged paint especially if it's a newer automobile or has great paint I wouldn't advise even looking into these paid to drive companies. In fact, most won't guarantee paint damage especially if it doesn't meet 3M regulation or similar. THis is one obstacle that hindered me somewhat was the paint factor. Although, my car is not new and isn't the greatest it has a decent paint job(no peeling, cracking, etc.) and I wasn't prepared to damage it. If you're looking to ever trade definitely not. This isn't to say the wrap would damage the paint but it could.

On the other hand, if you need money desperately and your car could be in better condition paint wise(I've no idea if this would affect you being accepted into a drive program or not since a full wrap covers the entire automobile) then this just might be the thing for you. You do have to drive a set amount each month, they install GPS tracking devices on the car to track where it goes and if you are holding up your end of the deal. You need to drive at least a thousand or more miles a month and much of that needs to be in high traffic areas and the vehicle has to be parked where it can be seen by passing drivers and pedestrians.

Overall, if you can comply with their rules and find a company in your area then this could be a great opportunity to make some extra money. The pay from what I saw from my research ranges anywhere from $200, $300 a month to much, much more. I would say a few hundred dollars on the low end to start is more like it.

As for finding these companies I found a couple on my own but it quite difficult and it much easier to buy the directory. MOst of the time I don't recommend buying something if you can get it for free but it takes too much time that can be spent doing something else such as marketing an affiliate or marketing company or two, blogging, writing articles, anything can bring in extra money that doesn't require you to drive very far to do it.

Buying the directory is a step in the right direction if you are serious about finding a company to drive for and you are comfortable doing this. Some of the companies even offer free cars to drive however you don't usually get paid for the free car so I recommend using your own car if you want to make money.

There are two banners at the top featuring the two I like the best.


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