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How to Advance In Your Career and Get Promoted

Updated on May 31, 2016
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Miss Marsh has been a seasoned writer for 10+ years. She currently holds a BA in Writing and English and has an MS in Psychology.

Use your motivation and determination to get what you want at work!
Use your motivation and determination to get what you want at work! | Source

Want a Promotion? Be motivated and determined!

Getting promoted at work is a great way to make more money, climb the ladder of success, and gain more education in your field. Even with economic times being difficult, there are ways to get a promotion at your job by using a few simple steps. The keys to getting a promotion at work are motivation and determination. You must show that you are promotion worthy by proving you are a good employee.

When you want a promotion, show your worthy of one!
When you want a promotion, show your worthy of one! | Source

Show your boss what you're worth

Getting a promotion at work means impressing your boss with the skills you carry and have learned at your job. Give your boss a reason to promote you by working hard and being successful in your field. Make sure your work is done in a timely manner, accurate and precise, and that your abilities shine through in what you do. Be sure that you're always organized, accurately able to multitask, and can handle stress with ease. Show your boss that he or she would be lost without you because you're an amazing employee. Give him or her a reason to keep you on and even offer you an incentive to stay. An employer does not want to lose a good employee that he or she feels is valuable to the company. If you show your value, your chances for a promotion will increase greatly.

Want a raise?  Make your boss look like a star!
Want a raise? Make your boss look like a star! | Source

Make your boss look good

One of the best ways to get a promotion is to make your boss look good to his employer. You can do this through your work, your attitude, and the way you present yourself. Also, talking your boss up will help to get you a promotion. Tell your employer how much you enjoy working for your boss and what he or she has taught you. Let your employer know what a great team you make together through your words, attitude, and work ethic. Your boss will appreciate your ambition and be more likely to promote you at work. Pick a project that you can submit together in which you work very hard to complete. Do your absolute best and give 110%. Once your boss sees that you have worked so hard to make he or she look good, they will be more willing to talk about a promotion with you.

If you really want a promotion, you've got to ask!
If you really want a promotion, you've got to ask! | Source

Ask for what you want

If you are looking for a promotion, and feel that you deserve it, ask for one. Tell your boss that you'd like to schedule some time to speak with him or her about an important matter. Sit with your boss and communicate one on one about the fact that you'd like a promotion and give him or her reasons that you deserve one. Your reasons should be factual, sincere, and backed up with evidence. Show your boss reasons why your work deserves a promotion and why you as an employee should be promoted. Don't just tell him or her that you are a great worker, give him valid reasons such as: you always work hard, are ambitious to learn more, always come promptly to work, and are completely reliable. Whatever reasons you have for believing you deserve a promotion, make them very clear to your boss when asking. But the important thing to remember is that a promotion won't usually just come to you. If you want it, you must ask for it.

Be a model employee if you want to get ahead at work and receive a promotion.
Be a model employee if you want to get ahead at work and receive a promotion. | Source

Present yourself as an excellent employee

A great way to be considered for a promotion at work is to give more than you need to at your job. Going over and beyond the call of duty at work is impressive to a boss and can help you get the things you want professionally. If you truly want a promotion, you have to work for it and prove yourself as worthy of one. Don't just do what is expected of you at work, but strive to do a little more. Ask your boss often if you can help him or her with things they need done. Help other coworkers get their work done if you are done with your own. Stay a little later a few days a week to help everyone get caught up. Come to work on time and everyday. Your boss will notice your extra efforts and be more willing to give you a promotion if the chance arises. A promotion is given to those who work the hardest and provide a company with what they need to thrive. Also, the more money you help to make a company, the better your chances to get a promotion so consider this when asking for one.

When to ask for a raise

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How to Properly Ask for a Raise at Work

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