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Need More Traffic? Get SEO Services All in One Place

Updated on August 12, 2012

© by Jennifer McLeod writing as jenjen0703, all rights reserved.

High Volumes of Traffic
High Volumes of Traffic | Source

Beginner Writers Need More Traffic

When I first started writing at HubPages, I had hoped it would be an excellent way to make money. I love to write, and I love to use computers. I was off work, due to a work injury, and had little to do during the days other than clean my house.

Little did I know it would take some time to build up enough followers and traffic to even see my profits increase. I remember being frustrated in the beginning, because there was no easy way to find followers in a short amount of time, as I did need more traffic. I have built my online presence slowly, and it is finally starting to pay off and be worth the time I have invested over the last year.

Online writing has been quite an experience, and I have enjoyed it immensely. Not only do I write for HubPages, but I also have four blogs that I have created, as well. The profits have increased quite a bit since I first started writing.

There are many ways to increase your traffic, and I highly recommend that you pick a few sites to share your work and be loyal to them. The last thing Google wants to see is your story posted at 20 different websites just so you can gain more traffic.

Need More Traffic without Investing Money?

If your online presence is growing slowly, and you need more traffic, the following methods of increasing traffic have worked well for me. I have found that these sites have been useful, so I stick with these methods. Spending a large amount of time looking for other sources is just a waste of time. My work load does not leave me much time to look for other places.

  • Join Pinterest. When Pinterest was created, I was excited and signed up for an account immediately. Pinterest is easy to use, and you can "pin" just about anything on the internet. Pinterest supplies you with a downloaded button to make "pinning" articles easier. I have received many followers in a short amount of time and found many of my followers are "re-pinning" my articles. Some of these people have hundreds of followers, which means there are a lot of people seeing my stories. I guarantee that I my traffic has more than tripled since I joined Pinterest.

  • Social Media Sites. Are you using social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or LinkedIn? Since I started writing and sharing my stories on Facebook, for example, I am discovering that more people are paying attention to what I do, and many of them are visiting my profile just to see what random things I have to say or if I have posted more articles. If you need more traffic, consider sharing your hubs at these sites. Millions of people use these sites every day, and some may even like your hubs so much, that they may share it with their followers.

  • Create a blog. If you have not done so already, consider Wordpress or Blogger as another useful method, if you need more traffic. For example, if you like to write about relationships, you could create a blog to share ideas and other stories on the internet, as well as your hubs. Blogger is controlled by Google, so if you choose to blog there, you can make money on your blog through Adsense. In my opinion, Wordpress was easier to use and has more templates to choose from than Blogger does, to help your blog look more like a professional website, but you do not make money from Wordpress.

  • Backlinks. Creating backlinks in your hubs is an important way to increase traffic. Write several hubs that are in the same niche and include links in each article to other related articles that you have written. Also, there are sites that can help you create more backlinks, such as Xomba and RedGage, Both of these sites are easy to use. Money that is earned from Xomba is generated through Adsense. Redgage has their own debit card, and when you start using this site, you will win a contest quickly, at which time they will mail you your debit card. I won $25 contest and received my Redgage debit card a couple weeks later.

  • Talk to other writers. If you come across a hub or blog that is related to yours, contact them and ask them if they would link your story to theirs. Many of my hubs contain links to other hubbers' stories. Some say it is a good idea to ask first, but I do not bother with it. I figure the writer is getting the credit for their work and probably wants and needs more traffic, same as me. I have never had anyone get angry with me for putting their links in my articles. Helping other writers creates "good karma" and increases the chances that others will do the same for you. My story, How to Outsmart a Narcissist has either been linked to someone else's site, or it just ranked well with Google because of excellent SEO methods. That story, alone, generates over half of my traffic here at HubPages and has had over 3,000 visits since it war written. None of my other stories have done this well.

  • Use forums. Getting involved in forums is an excellent way to meet new people outside of HubPages, as well as gain followers at HubPages. You can promote your articles in various forums if you need more traffic.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO). I am still new at learning SEO, but from what I have read, understanding it is a major part of successful online writing. SEO involves using keywords in a manner that you think visitors will search for. Having a user-friendly URL helps with SEO, as well as backlinks in your articles. When using pictures, be sure to include image descriptions in the captions that are keyword-rich. Writing unique content is beneficial, as well as regularly updating your hubs. As I mentioned earlier, do not forget to share your stories on social media sites and link your hubs to others' articles.

Do you use social media sites to promote your hubs?

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Increase Traffic with a Small Investment

In the early days, I set aside time to follow people, so I would gain more followers. At HubPages, if you decide to follow someone, sometimes they will send you fan mail and follow you in return. This process is time-consuming, and you have to be diligent in this until you see results. I spent ten minutes a day per site finding people follow.

I recently received an email from a man who saw my hub about Pinterest, and he asked me to provide a couple links for him to his website, called Public Monkey. If you have some money to spend, Public Monkey is a good choice to help increase your traffic quickly. Public Monkey will generate unique traffic, help build your brand on Facebook by providing a certain amount of "likes", increase your followers onTwitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Plus Ones, and provide backlinks in .gov and .edu websites.

For example, if you want to add 500 followers on Twitter, it will cost $8.99, with a guaranteed delivery time of five to seven days.

Public Monkey can also help you with search engine optimization (SEO), which is a critical tool that is used help Google search engines find your articles.

Be Patient

Whatever method you choose to satisfy your need to increase traffic, keep in mind that you will not get where you want to be overnight. It takes time to build up your online presence and make money. Be patient and enjoy yourself, because if writing is not something you enjoy, you may not have good success.

Remain diligent in your success, and you may see doors open for you. I recently landed a part-time job as an article writer and editor. I am provided with the information that needs to be researched, and I generate articles from it. I also learned quite a bit about SEO since I started working this job.

Follow these simple tips if you need more traffic, and you will be pleased with the results.

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    • JenJen0703 profile imageAUTHOR

      Jennifer McLeod 

      5 years ago from Battle Creek, Michigan

      Thanks for reading my hub, tillsontitan. If you haven't started using Pinterest, yet, you should. It is worth the increase in traffic, and it's simple to use. I haven't shared all my articles there, just my better ones.

      Hopefully I will see you there soon!!

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 

      5 years ago from New York

      Good information gathered here. Its always good to learn more. Social media is certainly a constantly growing media. I still haven't gotten into Pinterest. I keep telling myself I will.

      Voted up, useful, and interesting.

    • JenJen0703 profile imageAUTHOR

      Jennifer McLeod 

      5 years ago from Battle Creek, Michigan

      Thanks, everyone, for checking out my hub, and for the wonderful comments. I do know having accounts at the social media sites has been extremely useful. Fjpher48, If you do not have a Facebook profile, then you need to get one. If for nothing more, to use it as a way to promote your hubs. I love Facebook, and it is my main social media site, and I currently have close to 650 friends. There's a lot you can do with social media.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      5 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Jen...Thanks so much for all the work you did to put this great information together for us in one neat hub!! I definitely appreciate it because I do not have social media memberships..(by choice) so anywhere I can share my hubs to get more traffic...I'm all for. You're a doll.........Good job with this!! UP++

    • JenJen0703 profile imageAUTHOR

      Jennifer McLeod 

      5 years ago from Battle Creek, Michigan

      Thanks Frank and sgbrown. I am glad that this information is helpful for you.

    • sgbrown profile image

      Sheila Brown 

      5 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

      I have been using Pinterest for several months now and do see some additional traffic, but not that much. I probably need to be more active on it. My traffic was increasing more until lately it has dropped back off, not sure why. I have 3 blogs now, but mainly to link to my hubs. Your information here is very interesting, thank you for sharing this with us! Voted up and useful. Have a great day!

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      5 years ago from Shelton

      very useful and helpful jen thanks :) Frank


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