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Get Your CSCS Card Free, Mock Questions From The CSCS Test, Free Links To Free Revision Notes

Updated on December 28, 2015

Free CSCS card examination fees, free mock CSCS test and revision notes.


Some websites are offering free CSCS cards and the test fee is also waived. This offer is not as cheap as it seems. Each person has to reclaim their costs through the companies accountants and / or solicitors. The initial consultation with them is also free.

BUT... it takes more than one meeting to help you reclaim your costs. Each session will advise you on filling in paperwork and the amount of paperwork they produce is unbelievable.

The cost per session with the accountant is more than £30 each.

This way of obtaining your FREE CSCS card or exam is a false economy. The costs of reclaiming your cscs card exam fees, far outweighs the initial cost of the card and exam together.

It has been known for an individual to pay over £360 in costs for their FREE CSCS card. So be warned prior to signing any paperwork.

Free Link To: Free CSCS Mock Test.

How To Get Your Free CSCS Exam

Option 1

This way of gaining your CSCS exam free comes with one hiccup, you have to pay for the CSCS card yourself.

Depending on where you are located and which company you go through, card prices can range from £15 to £30.

The exam prices are approximately £20 in general, again, there may be some difference in prices pertaining to your location.

If you fail the cscs test, which is virtually unheard of, you can re-take it again with no costs as long as it is re-taken within the specified time period.

CSCS Exam & Training For Free

Your local job centre can also give you information on getting your CSCS card and exam for free.

Depending on the type of construction you are deciding to enter, whether it is plastering, scaffolding, or joinery etc, then taking a government funded course will help you with all costs.

Centres such as the Manchester Skills Centre offer 4 - 6 months FREE training, and there are many centres around the country.

Whilst learning a trade, they will put you through a CSCS card course for free, but you have to pay the price of the card itself.

This is an excellent opportunity for gaining basic or advanced tuition on certain construction skills FREE. The government pays for it all.

FREE link to: Free Condensed Revision Notes For The CSCS Exam.

By Law You Need A Cscs Card To Work On Site
By Law You Need A Cscs Card To Work On Site

Option 2

This way ensures that you can obtain the CSCS card and the exam Free.

Nothing is absolutely free. The catch with this method is that you will need to undertake a two week health and safety course.

The course is very simple, laid back, and even an eight year old could pass it. There are simple maths and English questions with individual and team scenarios to play out.

Questions on job applications and other information which is not actually relevant to the CSCS exam are also part of this two week course.

This is unfortunately a government incentive to entice people to get a CSCS card and begin employment. Travel expenses as well as lunch and hot drinks are usually supplied FREE.

Ask the local job Centre or job provider in your area. If you have been unemployed for over 1 year, then you should be able to get on either of the above courses within a short period of time.

Free Link to: Asbestos

Do not be put off by your job centre if they say that they cannot provide you with this type of training. THEY CAN AND THEY DO.

Some job center staff do not know that these training opportunities are on offer, as they have not been correctly trained themselves.

Simply ask, ask, then ask again. Make a phone call and speak to another member of staff. You will get the course you require.

There are many government incentives, especially for school leavers, to allow the government to pay for the course. It is a chance for each person to get themselves a trade.

Free plastering courses

Free Plumbing Courses

The government is pouring millions into training the youths of today. Each generation has degenerated from the previous generation in the building industry. This has left a massive shortfall in the construction industry of skilled labour.

Hence the reason why there has been an increase in the construction industry training programs.

Free Link: Case Study mock exam.


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