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Food Handler Card Renewal Online

Updated on July 31, 2012

Is your Food Handler's Card Up to Date?

It isn't all that hard to get a food handlers card. Every few years you're required to renew your food handlers permit. This usually means sitting in a boring class for a few hours, taking a test, and waiting to get your food handlers card verified. When it comes time to renew your food handlers card, save yourself the hassle and do it the easy way. Getting your food handlers card online takes less time, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Depending on what state you live in, you may even be able to print out the certificate right from your home.

Ok, How Do I Do It the Online Way?

It's Easy as one, two, three - First you need to find out what the rules are in your specific area. A lot of states have online food handlers cards, but some states shy away from online permits. For example, Utah has online food courses for over half of the state. Orgeon on the other hand, currently doesn't have any.

Keep it Easy - Go to You simply click on your state, glance at the options offered, and select one for your area, if they have one. Use the link below to find out what your state offers.

Why Should I Get my Food Handlers Card Online?

 No Travel - A lot of areas require limited or no travel for you to get your food handlers permit online.  Of the states that offer the course, most allow you to print the certificate from your home.  Some require you to travel to get your test results verifired, but the process is much easier than traveling and retaking the class for the food handlers card. 

Save your time - The courses are designed to take less time than the "live" courses.  IThe courses can easily be completed in an hour or two, and then you have time for the test. 

Skip the Class - When I signed up for an online course, I had already taken the test 3 years previous, my hood handlers permit simply expired.  I enrolled in the course, reviewed for a few minutes, and then jumped straight to the test.  The whole process took less than a half hour, really only the time it took me to take the test. 

What if I don't pass the test? The great thing is, you get multiple chances to take the test.  They probably change up the questions, but the material is pretty much the same.  It might vary by state, but I got 3 chances to take the test. 


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