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Get paid to drive your car?

Updated on May 7, 2010

Is it true?

There are companies that actually let you get paid to drive but in limited numbers. Unfortunately, with the rise of such a great concept, scammers find a way to manipulate this business practice in a way that benefits them. Being able to find a legitimate "get paid to drive" program is one of the hardest things to do. Websites on the Internet will try to make it seem as neat as possible until you sign up and they start taking your money away from you.

There is no way to fully comprehend what a legitimate company is and a scammers website because get paid to drive programs all look the same, whether scam or real. We will view a couple of companies that actually have drivers in real life with advertisements on their car.

get paid to drive your car
get paid to drive your car

Is Eye Earn a scam?

Eye Earn is a program that allegedly pays members to drive their cars with vinyl advertisements on the exterior. Does this program actually pay? How do you actually earn money from Eye Earn? These are questions they have failed to answer. Instead of giving an in-depth explanation on how you get paid to drive your car, they encourage you to purchase their high priced membership without any helpful information.

Although this doesn't mean the company is a scam, it's the first signs of a legitimate scam in action. It's kind of funny how you get paid commission from Eye Earn.Their description of pay method seems to be wrong. Unless people manually enter your affiliate link from your advertisement, there's no way to earn commissions.

  • How can you earn commissions from people seeing your car?
  • Why should you have to pay so much for a membership?

According to the research I conducted on this website, I'd say its fairly new. How can a brand new company pay people commissions from a method that makes commission earnings impossible and manage to stay open? If members are getting paid, most likely they're getting their membership cost back. There are no real testimonials about this program. I can't find legitimate reviews. Whatever is on the Internet is based on some Internet marketer trying to sell you the dream of how you get paid to drive with Eye Earn. They haven't did any research on the company at all. It may very well be a scam. Be careful.

The Bottom Line

Do not use the Internet to find get paid to drive programs. Get paid to drive your car websites are most likely scams. If they do not have contact information, most likely it's a scam. If they can't give you a realistic description on how you make money from your campaign, most likely it's a scam. If they don't have any testimonials available for non-registered members to view, most likely it's a scam.

Look around you. Find cars that have advertisements on them within your neighborhood. Ask people how much they earn from their campaign and where can you sign up for the same thing. Trust me, you will find a lot more about get paid to drive programs out there than looking on the Internet. I guarantee it!


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    • profile image

      Trina 5 years ago

      Be careful of these scams.I applied for it weeks ago and out of nowhere I get an email and within in the e-mail this is what they wrote:

      A Bank Check of $3400 will be sent to you via FedEx on Thursday. You are to get the payment cashed at your bank and deduct $400 (Initial Payment for two weeks) and send the balance of $3000 to our the Auto Support Team closest to your State via MoneyGram Transfer (this team works independently and is also paid independently).The team will bring the Vinyl Films, decals, partial wraps and GPS system to your address for full installation. You will effectively start working for us immediately the team comes to your location.

      They also send you the tracking number moments before it arrives,so you have no time to say..what for?Then,after I said no and asked them to return it.The two fed ex guys sat in their truck for 15 or so minutes talking to someone.The guy even called the house repeatedly,so please be careful of what you apply for.Luckily,my dad was home and he kept answering the phone.

    • profile image

      jakeer 6 years ago

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