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Get that Promotion - Be the Best at your Job

Updated on May 27, 2012

As in everything in your life, from you love life to your health, for being the Best at your Job and keep getting the desired promotion you need to WORK HARD!

The social-economical situation that we now face, leads unfortunately to unemployment! And I'm glad to find that my other hubs on how to get a job are receiving so many visits and readers. I feel like there's lots of people desiring to improve themselves, their skills!

This is without a doubt the first step for being successful: Improve Yourself, Work on Yourself!!!

So, if you are looking for a job, the first step is too work hard on your CV and Presentation Letter, for that see my other hubs: Creative Resumes and, my most successful one - Applying to a Job: writing a good presentation letter and resume!

I Got a Job, now what?

So, you may ask yourself, "now that I got a job how can I keep it or even get promoted"? The answer is the same as for being successful in every other aspect of your life: WORK HARD!

Everyday I found different kinds of people, with different attitudes toward the way they work nut I would like to focus on two types:

  • Those who keep looking at the clock to see if it's already time to leave and just limit themselves to do what they're asked for and not even a little bit more...
  • Those who try to be better everyday, to add value to the company, to as we say in Portugal "dress the company shirt"!

Imagine now that you're on the other side, you're the Boss! Looking at the two descriptions above, which one would we keep working at your company? I think it's pretty obvious!

It doesn't matter what's your Job!

So, you want to be rich and successful but you can't get rid of serving at a restaurant, driving a taxi or working as a Maid or a bartender... Honestly? That’s not an excuse...

I will give you a few examples on people I've met in the past few years:

  • A house painter that made more than $5000 per month
  • A taxi driver that started with a simply taxi and now has his own fleet of more than 100 taxis and 10 limousines
  • A housekeeper that works three different houses (some mornings in ones, and some afternoon in others) and is still able to be with their family, and have two cars and a totally equipped house!
  • A man with only the 4th grade who became one of the richest people in my country!

So, as you can see, it doesn't matter what your job do, what does matter is how good you're at doing it!

I don't want you too work from 6am to 11pm, that's not the point! I'm just saying that you could work harder and better! And by doing this you may find yourself working fewer hours while getting more things done!

That's the whole point of this hub! To try to motivate you on being proactive and think win-win in your relation with your job/company/boss, and in that way get that promotion you waited your whole life for! For accomplish this I'll try to mention a few tips:

  • Get to know what's really your job, what's your boundaries, what you're supposed to do, till where can you go and what you must avoid at all costs;
  • Get to know the company's mission statement, their goals, their business and see how you can help them accomplish that;
  • Research and study, use the Internet to find out what other people that have the same job description as you, are doing differently;
  • People expect you to do your job, surprise them by doing a little more...
  • Remember the times when you replied to some friend: "I don't have nothing to do right now!", those times are over! If you find yourself in a position that you think you don't have nothing to do at that time, find what to do! You can work on improving some process, helping a colleague on same project, get to know other areas of the company, ... there's so much you can do if you just look for it!
  • Be Proud of your Job, Be Proud of Yourself!

The list could keep on going... but I think that by now you got my idea! Hope that after reading this you will start seeing your job in a different way!

Please comment on this hub and tell me what you think about it!

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