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How to Interview for Your Dream Job

Updated on May 6, 2017

Wear a Suit--No Exceptions!

  • Both women and men should always wear a suit when interviewing. Men should wear a solid-colored tie, and polished shoes too.
  • A resume should be carried in a black portfolio or folder.

Eat a Power Breakfast

A good interview begins with a nutritious meal. Eat a quality breakfast of protein and greens in the morning. Eating a solid breakfast will make a big difference to your day. Cereals that have little or no protein can make you feel and look tired during your interview.

A spinach omelet or kale smoothie are good choices for a solid breakfast. If you must eat cereal grains, try eating one or two hard boiled eggs along with it.

Arrive 20 Minutes Early

You'll need to arrive early. There may be unexpected traffic along the way and you'll need to use the restroom before the interview. This will help relieve built-up pressure and stress. You want to look excited without appearing overly nervous.

Envision Success

Think of a successful moment in your life. Remember the time when you aced an exam, or when you mastered a skateboard trick, or when you made a dinner everyone raved about? Begin this thought on your journey from home to your interview.

Relive the moment for 5-10 minutes as you pull into your parking spot and wait. How did it feel when you completed something awesome? Be present in that victorious moment.

Strike a Power Pose

When you get to the restroom, stand with your hands stretched out to each side and take 2-3 long, deep breaths. Doing power poses before important meetings has been shown to increase confidence and make you feel bigger than you are.

Befriend the Gatekeeper

When you check in for your appointment, crack a couple jokes with the receptionist. This gesture has a triple effect.

  1. It will work wonders to relax you and make you feel more at ease. It will give you a feeling of familiarity and companionship as you wait for your big interview.
  2. If you've befriended the receptionist, he/she will be rooting for you too--this will create good energy between all parties. He or she may even make a positive comment in your favor.
  3. As you finish your interview, walk to the lobby, and shake hands with your interviewers, they will note how well you interact with other employees. This is where you show them your new best friend, the receptionist. Let them see how easy it was for you to dive right in and not be snobby or nervous with others. They may even quickly envision you as "one of us," and you'll win bonus points for being a team player.

Put on a Good Show

Employers aren't just looking for someone who can complete daily tasks. They want someone with a great attitude and someone they can get along with. If you're normally shy or nonchalant, be different today. They know nothing about you, so put on a theater performance for them. You can always crawl back in your cocoon afterwards.

Show them you have a fun, energetic personality and that you know how to have a good time in life. No one wants to work with someone they have a hard time relating to or who makes them feel uneasy. Speak loud and clear, make eye contact, and be funny sometimes.

Make It Easy For Them

Employers are usually employees themselves, faced with the daunting task of finding a suitable employee for the company. Its a hard task to make a big decision on behalf of the company. They want to choose a good candidate and are rooting for you as you walk in the door. They want you to be the one, so they can get someone hired and carry on with business. You might even be relieving your future boss of overtime he or she had to put in from being short-staffed.

Why not make it easy for them to do their job? Show them you're the one. Have your skills and experience memorized and ready to recite. And remember, they are not only looking for someone who can do the job, they want an employee they will enjoy working with--a team player. Connect with each person in the room, have humor, and be likable.

Send Thanks

At the end of the interview:

  • Ask them when they will be making their decision. Most employers will know their deadline and will gladly offer you a time.
  • Ask for their business card.
  • Email them a quick thank you note before the decision will be made.

Did you find this article helpful? What has been your experience with job interviews? What has worked for you? Please leave a comment below!


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