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Get the Trust of an Audience

Updated on October 30, 2011

Building trust in your blog or website is ideal.

Your audience should trust in your content.
Your audience should trust in your content. | Source

Visitors to your article content are extremely important to every writer. Even more important is gaining the trust of that audience. Visitors or readers need to know that they can trust in article content submitted by a writer to provide exactly what they are looking for as well as that information being valuable and beneficial. If a reader can trust an author to deliver that content they will become a member of their audience and dedicate themselves to that writer over and over again. Building trust will build you a dedicated audience which is terrific for maintaining readers that return to your material many times over and earn you more revenue. How do you get the trust of your audience?

One way not to gain the trust of an audience is not providing the material promised. When a reader goes to the search engine and types in a request they expect the results to bring back what they are looking for. For example, if a reader types in large turtle eggs, the results should provide constructive along with useful information pertaining to large turtle eggs. If you have an article dedicated to large turtle eggs ensure you provide an extremely well written one. If you don’t, the reader will remember that site or blog as one that fell short for the information provided and surf the web for another writer that can provide what they need.

Several very serious ways writers can fail in obtaining the trust of an audience is misleading them with the title of their article. A title that promises, but doesn't deliver will turn readers away and hurt your credibility. The same can be said for your subheadings. A catchy or witty title can reel in readers, but you need to deliver on your content to get the trust of your audience.

Several things you can provide along with a title that delivers, subheadings that supply what the reader needs and quality content can be created to get the trust of your audience. The following can be created to build trust;

Simple and easy to follow design or format

Make certain the article or material is easy to follow along with and read. Readers that will become dedicated audience members enjoy reading this format. If they are using your article for reference material finding what they are looking for without effort is wonderful and will make your info popular.

Points of fact are great to create in the form of lists. A list of the largest lakes in North America, a list of the best colleges on the East Coast, you can make a list from any type of content or subject matter. Whatever niche you happen to blog about or whatever subject you focus on can be a list. Lists of pros and cons are also well liked. These are easy and simple because you can also find two sides to nearly any subject.

Adding great video and pictures to your content also makes for a great design or format. If you need to extend an article or feel something is missing, try adding pics or videos.

Words are important

Visitors to any content material are searching for information. Serve them wisely to gain their trust. Remember to use simple words and language. Avoid structuring your subject matter all in one place with large and polluted paragraphs. Break it up into readable paragraphs of about 3 to 4 sentences.

Write with as little fluff as possible. Keep it simple.

Tell the truth

The truth is always going to gain you trust. Understand that the people are looking for the truth. They want to know how high a kangaroo can really jump. They want to know why the sky is blue. If you know the truth back it up with examples and references that gain you more credibility. The truth is always the right thing to do for trust.

Don’t abuse or exploit your audience

Your audience should never feel abused or exploited. Don’t have your blog set up where a video will automatically play or over stuff content with keywords that don’t provide any information or bring them to your website to get their email address to sell it to another company.Abuse and exploitation will destroy your trustworthiness as a writer.

Let readers know they can rely on your information and trust in your material. After you have received a reader’s attention get the trust of an audience to build an income as a writer. You want to gain a reader from each visitor you receive to your content.


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    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      Very important and useful information for all writers.

      Voted up and interesting.

    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 6 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      Great tips for all writers!