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Getting Business Loans and Credit

Updated on May 6, 2011


These are tough days all over the planet these days for Business and the people behind them. The very organisations that should be the focal points of encouraging business folk to raise us out of the mire, are the ones who caused it in the first place. These days to be classified as a Banker is to be considered in derogatory terms.Bankers have ,of course brought this on themselves and we need waste no sympathy on them as a Group. Yet like it or lump it, they are the central source that Business must turn to for essential funding to provide the oxygen for development.

Banks are still in Business.

The intervention by Governments has made it certain that we, as a world, are still supplied with more Banks than you can shake a stick at. Regardless of that, to hear some talk you would think the Banks have all shut up shop.

 Banks exist to lend money. That is their core function. They lend money, charge interest and make profit. That is the simple model that has stood the test of time. Yet the word is that the Banks will not lend and will not provide credit to Business.That of course cannot be, for the Banks need to do so to function. They are just being more picky on who and what they lend to.

The simple questions a Banker has to consider are 1. How do I get my Capital repaid? 2. How do I get my interest paid along the way? Positive answers to both should give the green light to credit and loan requests. However, having been stung by what has been termed irresponsible past activity, they are squeezing the margins to load the dice much more favourably than ever. Yes, times are tough.


Considering the above it is understandable that those Banks willing to lend are more and more seeking Personal Guarantees as collateral. The hot word still is to avoid this wherever possible, for there are ways to secure Business Finance outside those restraints as you will see by taking the link below here.The need to finance Business ventures has always been with us and nothing has changed today. Banks being organisations that only lend an umbrella when it is not raining, are not likely to change their positions quickly so the onus is on the Businessman to be more inventive in his search for finance. The funding can be available but it just takes a bit more effort these days to get to the source that fits each individual Business.Look harder and wider is the best advice. In such times as these only the fittest survive and prosper,. Here"s to you and your Business being one of those.Good searching.


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