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Getting Laid Off

Updated on August 3, 2017

Adjusting to Change

Economic downturns have caused thousands of people to be laid off this year alone and it's only March.  As government officials around the world work to resolve the imbalances caused by banking, other investment firms and individuals who took on mortgages, credit card expenses and other debts they could not afford, more people are faced with the challenge of dealing with being laid off. 

As with any change in a person's life, it's important to go completely through the Cycle of Change which involves dealing with the emotions and thoughts that come with feeling a loss of safety.  There is no regular job or familiar daily schedule to keep to anymore.  Many people struggle to fill their days with productive activities during this stage if they don't realize that it's normal and a part of adjusting to change.  The sooner you realize what is happening, you can begin to create new productive ways to fill your days, including taking active steps to land a new job that you will love even more than the job you left, and the sooner you can move onto the next cycle.

After you adjust to feeling the loss of safety, you can move on to feeling doubtful about your future and maybe even doubtful that you actually did get laid off (after all, you don't see the next step yet) to accepting the fact that you are in a transition period. 

As you accept that the change has "actually" happened as you accept the fact that your life is "really" changing, you can move on to feeling frustration then motivation abut the change.  Lastly, you can deal with understanding the change that is happening to you onto integrating the change into your life. 

An easy way to tell what stage of the cycle you are in is to monitor or be aware of how you are feeling.  Some people take longer to get through each cycle than others.  The third cycle is where many people can get stuck then go back to the first stage of the cycle and start over.  If you don't take action and move through each stage, you can begin to feel stuck.

Ways to help get through the stages are to write about how you are feeling.  You could write poems, stories, or just freestyle write at your computer.  You could also write in an journal or even turn your experience into a novel or other creative work.  It's good to have a strong support network of family, friends and loved ones while you go through any change.  After all, getting laid off is not a permanent change unless YOU make it permanent and don't go out and get another job.  Geting laid off is simply change and work is only one part of life -- not the total experience.

Be gentle and kind with yourself.  Set aside time each day or each week to search and apply for a job.  Update your resume and note what you did on your last jobs and how those steps helped the company including saving costs, paper (think green), personnel hours, etc.  The more specific you are when writing achievements on your resume, the better.

Research the history on companies you are interested in working for in the future.  Follow your heart and make sure the next job you take is one you will love and enjoy even more than the job you just left.

And love yourself!  All along the way, regardless of the changes you experience, love yourself!

Dee Webbing It Up!


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