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Getting Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

Updated on June 5, 2011


Public speaking doesn't need to strike terror in your heart. Whether you're giving a presentation at a meeting or speaking to an audience of thousands, I'll teach you the secret to speaking without fear. Don't waste your time and money going to some speech coach. I've been speaking in front of groups for years. Here's what you really need to know to get over your fear.

It's Not That Important

This is a bit of a philosophical point, but whatever it is you're saying isn't that important. In the larger scheme of your life, even if this speech made or broke your career, the difference in your quality of life would be negligible. Keep everything you do in perspective. It's one moment. It's one speech. People will forget about it if it's bad and people will forget about it if it's good. Keep that perspective on your speaking, and your fear will evaporate.

Nobody is Listening

Think back to when you were in school. When someone else had to give a presentation before you did, what were you normally doing? You were probably going through it in your head and not truly paying attention to what the person up front was doing, right? Well, the same applies today.

People don't care about your speeches because they're more worried about themselves. If you're in a meeting at work, most everyone is there simply to hear themselves talk. They don't care about what you have to say. So no need to worry, right?

How about this: think about the last speech the president gave. Do you remember everything he said? No. You got the gist of what was said, and the details just faded away. You're not the president of the United States. People don't care what you're saying. As long as you're not completely incompetent in your speech giving ability, you'll fair well with a crowd.

The number one reason to lose this fear of yours is the fact that most people aren't really listening anyway.

Speak Often

The easiest way to get over your fear is to speak in public as much as possible. The more you speak, the more comfortable you'll feel with getting in front of people. It's really that simple. No need to pretend the crowd is in their underwear.

Take these truths I've spoken and go forth as a confident and capable speaker.


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