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Getting Past the Covid Crisis, Together

Updated on May 22, 2020
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Indro works as a techno-commercial professional, who loves writing outside 9 to 5. He is an aspiring entrepreneur...


The world has been completely shaken by the COVID-19. Many countries have issued lock-downs to help contain the virus. In these circumstances, many of us are lucky to work from home and spend the extra time with family. The lock-down is starting to get relaxed, with a chance of life reaching towards normalcy. How can we play our part after the lock-down to help each other and make the world a better place?

Referrals to Help Others Get Back on Their Feet:

Some of us have been very fortunate to keep our jobs and to continue working from home. Others haven’t. Millions of people have been laid off in the US. Students from top universities are seeing their job offers being withdrawn. This is the time we get together, and act together. The hiring situation is likely to change once the world gets back, or starts the process of getting back to normalcy. If we find hiring opportunities in our own organization, or in alumni networks etc. that we are part of, we must pro-actively pass along these leads and refer people in our network who have been laid off during the crisis and are looking for opportunities to get back to work.

Socializing During this Period of Crisis:

It is important that we follow social distancing during the weeks following the lock-down and try to avoid large gatherings as much as possible. The next few weeks after the lock-down are going to be crucial and we must play our part to ensure safety and containment. Example: people who can manage their responsibilities by working from home may be allowed to continue doing so for the next weeks if possible.

This is also a time when we must be sensitive to others’ situations. There are many instances where tenants are being evicted by landlords for not being able to pay the rents on time or doctors, who are selflessly helping us overcome the crisis, are forced to vacate over fear of the contagion. We must empathize and support others during these difficult times.

Conducting Business During the Crisis:

Many businesses are getting affected during the crisis – however, some industries have shown growth as well during the crisis, specially E-Commerce. It’s important that businesses focus on the ability to go digital during this time to be able to more effectively serve customers and be better prepared for the next.

Businesses where going digital doesn’t entirely solve the problem may need to think of more innovative ways to conduct business after the lock-down. For example: PVR, the largest theater chain in India is looking at seat distancing in its halls to ensure audiences feel safe about returning to the movies after the Covid-19-forced lockdown is over. Ideas like these can help businesses slowly get back to normalcy after the lock-down is lifted.

Let’s beat COVID together:

I am reminded of one of the most touching quotes from my favorite animated movie last year, Klaus – “A simple act of kindness always sparks another, even in a frozen, faraway place.”

Let us all join forces to help each other, save each other and get the world back to normalcy and create a road map to overcome such crisis for generations to come.

© 2020 Indro Neel


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