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Getting The Most From NCR Books

Updated on May 28, 2013
NCR Sets
NCR Sets

NCR pads are a handy time and money saving tool meaning that you don’t have to copy out receipts or notes several times and also mean that you can keep a record of sales and information.

The first sheet of paper has a coat of micro-encapsulated ink on the back and the last sheet of paper has a layer of clay on the top. The clay reacts with the ink to mark the paper. If there are layers of sheets in-between the top and bottom pieces of paper then they are coated with clay on the top and ink on the bottom . When someone writes on the top sheet the pressure of the pen on the paper breaks the micro-ink capsules and the text is copied on to each sheet of paper.

NCR Pads
NCR Pads

NCR books and pads have many uses including receipt books, delivery notes, invoices, forms, legal documents and purchase orders.

NCR books are available in 2 to 6 parts and can be printed to your bespoke requirements in order to collect the information you require and can also be printed as pads and sets. Copies can be in white, green, blue, pink and yellow and the pages can also be sequentially numbered so that you can keep track of notes made in the NCR books or pads. NCR books are available in A5 or A4 sizes but if you require another size many good printing companies will be able to meet your bespoke requirements.

NCR Books
NCR Books

It is possible to print on the reverse of the NCR paper if you require terms and conditions or other information but this usually incurs an extra cost due to the printing process used.

The most important part of designing your NCR pad is to know what information you need to collect and keep a record of.

If you are unsure about the design of your NCR book then contact a reputable printer who will be able to advise you. Some printers will be able to design the NCR book for you for an additional cost.

For more information on NCR books visit eColourPrint.


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