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Getting Your Product Made in China

Updated on July 2, 2011
China CNC Machining
China CNC Machining

One-stop China manufacturing

You have designed your own product. You may even have samples. What next?

China. Specifically the Pearl River Delta, where official Chinese policy since the Seventies has been to make this region (which includes Guangdong and Hong Kong) the "workshop of the world" and engine of China's stellar economic growth. A program of massive capital investment since then explains why this region alone now accounts for 15 per cent of China's G.D.P. and why, for example, it manufactures three-quarters of the world's photocopiers.

The Pearl River Delta

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Pearl River Delta
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Manufacturing Hub of China and Workshop to the World

The Pearl River Delta has an established and deep manufacturing infrastructure, a skilled labor force and, through Hong Kong, a history of doing business with western companies. Nevertheless, whether you need one product line or a dedicated factory, it is prudent to identify a full-service China manufacturing company which will provide everything you need all under one roof. This will lower your manufacturing costs and ensure consistent quality standards across component parts and ultimately your entire product range. Manufacturing excellence depends on replicating quality. This is easier in-house, naturally.

Thus, one-stop China manufacturing means choosing a firm which is expert in multiple manufacturing processes and materials, so that even the most complicated products can be produced in their entirety, in-house, and to consistent quality standards. One manufacturer. One quality control. One quality standard.

Bearing in mind that even the simplest products can be made from combinations of materials and manufacturing processes, once you have identified a Chinese manufacturer with ISO 9001 accreditation and western management, make sure it has manufacturing specialisms which include (but are not limited to):

Plastic Forming
Basic to complex plastics and plastic manufacturing processes.

Molds & Tooling
Full range of China mold and tool making.

All types of metal casting.

C.N.C. Machined Parts
Bespoke C.N.C. machining, including secondary operations like anodizing.

Full-spectrum custom electronics manufacturing.

In addition to its manufacturing specialisms, your China manufacturing partner must provide other services vital to keeping costs down and bringing your product to market in a timely and effective manner, including printing, packaging, shipping & logistics.

Opt for one-stop China manufacturing and you will reap the benefits. As will your customers.

China Manufacturing Product
China Manufacturing Product


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