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Getting a Job as a Procurement or Purchasing Clerk

Updated on January 30, 2012

A procurement or purchasing clerk processes paperwork for the procurement of goods for either a corporation or government agency. This job pays a decent salary when considering there is no formal educational requirement.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 73,650 jobs for procurement clerks in May of 2010. The average salary of these purchasing workers stood at a median of about $37,000. This a pretty high salary for a job with no particular educational requirements. However, some agencies or businesses may be looking for more than that.

College courses that may be helpful for getting a job include those related to logistics and supply chain management. As with many college degree programs, an education in supply chain management may also prepare and possibly qualify you for bigger and better jobs. In this case, both corporations and government agencies hire logisticians and supply chain managers. You may end up getting one of those jobs, but even if you do not, it will increase your chances of getting employment in procurement/purchasing.

To find college degree programs that teach logistics and supply chain management, use the College Degree Directory. There is a link to the relevant website in the Resources below.

Once you are ready to look for work, the major employers where you can find jobs for procurement clerks is the federal government. Agencies like the Department of Defense hire many purchasing agents. In the May 2010 study, the federal government hired over 13,000 clerks. Business corporations hired over 5000, and hospitals are also pretty big employers of procurement workers. Local governments and elementary and secondary schools also hired about 3000 clerks each.


College Degree Directory: Courses in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Procurement Clerk Jobs and Salary


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