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Getting bullied in the workplace

Updated on February 3, 2016

How to define a bully.

Bully ; Noun; Intimidates people "below" them. Overbearing, Quarrelsome.

Now, bullies are people we all deal with in elementary school right? They threaten to beat us up at the flagpole at 3:15 if we don't give them our lunch money. They make the smart kids do their homework and we often associate them with football players for some reason. These days, kids have more and more reasons to be nervous about bullies. Did you know that bullies are also in the work place?

Recent experiences with bullies.

Recently, I started my dream job. I was working at a veterinary clinic, playing with puppies and helping pet parents. I wasn't there but two days and I encountered a bully. Get this, she was the office manager! Who did I have to turn to? The actual veterinarians surely weren't going to help. I had no one above her to turn to. I figured maybe it was her way of training me to be tough. Yeah right. So, one week down and she is still the same way. Finally at my wits end, I ask to talk to her. We go into an exam room and she just stares at me! By nature I am timid and I hate confrontation so I ask her. "Is there something I am doing wrong?" Once again, more stares. At this point I am in tears. I already know I'm going to have to quit my job and go elsewhere.

I get a response finally. "No. You just don't fit in." Fit...Fit in? What? I didn't think you couldn't not fit into a work place. Did I wear the wrong shoes? Did I not wear pink on Wednesday, Regina? Holy crap, I was living Mean Girls. She proceeded to tell me that I needed to go look for employment else where and that it would be my last day. After we left the exam room, I tried to suck in my tears, but it wouldn't work so I just grabbed my coat and walked out.

I left feeling like the world was ending! Now, I'm only 21, but it was my dream job! I had worked so hard for that job, waited so long and even cracked my books open to study my medical term notes! I honestly didn't know what I did wrong. I went home, grabbed some icecream and cried on the couch. My grandmother told me "Abby, it's just a job. Don't get upset over it." I knew she was right, but it wasn't just because I lost my job, it was because I was bullied out of it! I had never been bullied in my life, even during school!


I went into the previous work place as stated to get my W2S and low and behold, shortly after I was bullied out, they fired the woman! Guess karma got to her.

Information about workplace bullying.

Over 40% of employee's never tell their bosses. Technically, bosses don't know how to deal with them. Bullying in the work place is legal. It is considered "conflict," or "different personality styles."

The majority of bullies are bosses. 72% of them actually. That is due to time constraints in training. The high up you are, the mightier you feel. Ever had a boss chew you out for something she/he did that THEIR boss found out about? Take being a cashier for instance. (No offence here, I was a cashier for 3 years.) They are the lowest of the low on the totem pole. Every time someone in HR or the bosses office sneezes the wrong way, they get blamed.

Here are a few signs that YOU may be a target.

1: You feel like throwing up the night before work. You know that feeling you get before a big presentation or telling your crush you like them? Yeah, that's how you feel.

2:Every day off is used for staying under the covers with Netflix and a bowl of ice cream.

3: You are constantly feeling agitated or anxious.

A few experiences at work may prove you are a target.

1: You are never left alone to do your job without interference. Never. No matter what you do.

2: Coworkers feel justified about yelling at you, but you get written up for defending yourself. What? That's not fair.

3: You notice people not talking to you as much. They never invite you to lunch or out for a couple drinks after work.

I want you to take this advice to heart. If you feel like you are a target, talk to your bosses. If your bosses are doing the bullying, talk to their bosses. Don't be like me and quit a job that was perfect for you.



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