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Becoming Organised in Business and in Life

Updated on June 2, 2011

Being Disorganised - is it a problem?

Being disorganised isn't a small problem -- it's a disaster!  We know that you're working hard and often forget the details... but the affects of disorganisation are, from personal experience:

  • late fines on overdue bills,
  • losing important documents (or even your daughter's homework), spending time looking
  • incurring fines from Police or nasty legal letters, and a black mark on your credit record.

Sometimes as a home business provider, we may even forget to bill or chase up a client - thus having worked for free!

These results are all signs that your paperwork and digital systems could use a major sort-out.

Simplifying Business Activities

Invoicing -- this can be tidied up with online systems like It's a really cool way to keep track of time for a consultant and to secure a professional invoicing system. It seems very affordable, but check also with Paypal fees because if accepting Paypal payments they charge as well. Stone Hill Time card is a free tool (Mac based) that lets me track my time just like a stopwatch and I add up the time when invoicing.

Emailing -- yes, it's important to keep your contacts all in one place. But often Outlook is not enough to really use the power of mass email marketing and targeting. Look into other systems like Infusionsoft (the big one), Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Aweber (from $19 per mth). In Australia, I use Email Marketer. I like the fact that I can reuse the same newsletter template and set up as many autoresponders as I think is necessary for each prospect list. (I have a 'free report' opt-in box right there on my website, next to my blog posts). I used it initially to send out an e-course to my book buyers.

Accounts to pay -- have a postal in-tray just for this month's bills. I suggest putting both personal and business bills where you can see them.  I had the recent experience of leaving a company car registration bill to my husband only to be clocked with a fine because it was "left in a drawer", not in the office. (Incidentally, police now have a device that alerts them if you're not registered by just driving by you).

Upcoming events -- I use Entourage's Calendar (Outlook has one also) with timely reminders before an event. This way I won't miss my favourite meetup groups, chamber of commerce meeting, or school appointment. My paper diary is a backup if I'm out of the office, but you guys all probably have your iPhone diaries. Always note what you need to take and where it is held.


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