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Getting people to look at your Resume

Updated on November 30, 2016

Don't just go into places and randomly hand out your Resume

The problem with just walking into places and handing in your Resume is that more often than not they get lost in paperwork or thrown in the bin and as a result do not get seen by the person who needs to see it. For example; if you walk into a shop and hand in your Resume the shop assistant you hand it to has lots of things on their mind that they have to do that day (your Resume does not rate highly on their priorities list) so they will take it maybe say thank you and then put it down to carry on with their day-to-day duties. As a result of this the Resume will then either get thrown away or lost in a pile of paperwork.

This article will explain exactly how to guarantee the right person will see your Resume which puts you in with a better chance of employment.

Get on the phone

Yes getting on the phone about this may seem like a bit of a strange concept however it is crucial to the next stages explained in this article. The aim of the phone call is to get one vital piece of information which is the name of the person who makes employment decisions. When calling different companies you need to take into consideration the size of the business as this will slightly change the way in which you carry out the call.

  • Small companies - Ring the company you wish to get employment with, the chances are you will either get through to a receptionist or sales advisor who will often state their name at the beginning of the call (these people don’t generally make employment decisions so don’t ask about employment opportunities). What you do say is simple “Hi (their name), It’s (your name here) i’d just like to enquire as to who is currently in charge of recruitment with you” (you can also substitute “recruitment” with “hiring and firing”) more often than not with smaller companies they will respond with something along the lines of “oh that’s Joe Bloggs” put a bit of small talk in here because by this point you should have established their tone of voice and the way they talk (whilst doing this jott down the name they gave you) you might then proceed to say “oh does Joe have a direct email” sometimes they will ask why and you will respond with something along the lines of “I’ve just got a couple of documents to forward to him (in our example Joe was male). If they give you the email that’s fantastic if not don’t worry we already have the information we needed the email was just a bonus. At this point close the call in a friendly manner wishing them a good day etc.

  • Large companies - These are slightly different in the sense that you will get through to a receptionist. The call works in a similar manner to smaller companies but instead of saying “recruitment” or “hiring and firing” you would say “human resource department”. Again you’re after the name any other info such as an email address is just a bonus.

Remember when you’re on the call you are speaking to a real person with thoughts and feelings, take these into consideration. You want to sound confident on the call not timid or mouse like but at the same time not aggressive (being aggressive is NEVER good).

Now it's time to send it

Now we have a name we’re equipped to get your Resume to the right person. When going to a small company place your Resume into an envelope (a nice and clean one no scribbles or anything like that on it) and on the front of the envelope write “FAO: (the name they gave you on the call)”. So when you go into that shop or office all you have to do is go to the assistant and say something along the lines of “Hey I’m just delivering this for (the name they gave you), could you make sure they get it please” (be polite as possible and maybe include small talk). In the assistants mind they don’t know what is in that envelope it could be payslips or anything, so immediately to them this envelope becomes important and more often than not they will hand it directly to the person who needs to read it.

For a large company find out what their postal address is and then put your Resume into an envelope and send your Resume by post direct to the right person (because now you know exactly whom the envelope needs to be addressed to).

When sending a Resume by post always include a cover letter explaining that you’re looking for work and why you’d love to work for that company etc (otherwise they will just open a random envelope with a Resume inside it).

If you got a direct email that’s great because then you can just fire off an email with the main body of the email being a covering note and attach your resume, again this way you can guarantee the right person will receive it.

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