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Domain Name Reseller-Getting Started with Forums

Updated on November 23, 2010

Getting Started

Just imagine making lots of money from forums as a domain name reseller. Yes, it’s possible. Just by posting your useful unique words in the forums your wallet gets loaded with money.

To be realistic, words are powerful. Nothing will substitute words when it comes to marketing. That is why marketers love to tell compelling stories. Stories that potential buyers want to hear before purchasing.

Rudyard Kipling knew this fact some years back when he quoted, “Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind.” Understand this fact and all shall be well with your online business.

As a domain name reseller, you have mastered the domain name business so well. You have known what works and what doesn’t. You have even established your website where you like writing quality content. But, have you thought about domain name forums? They are very crucial for any website.

Online forums are great places worthy optimizing. They’ll let you discuss about domain topics, post links to your website and increase your website traffic. Traffic equals money, right? Even the worst websites should bring in a couple of visitor per day.

When I was working on my website as a domain name reseller, I did research using Google search engine about domain name forums. I was really impressed by the results I got as I was able to select only the best from the list displayed.

Registering for online forums only requires you to provide information regarding your email address, user name and selecting a password to log on with. Some few discussion forums permit unregistered guests to post, however, such forums are not all that good. Once you register for a forum, browse through its domain name topics and submit a post in order to learn how the forum works.

Make Money by Posting

Getting the members of a forum to visit your website is the whole point of posting in forums.

Yes, as a domain name reseller, it’s fun to talk and give advice about your domain name issues but those are just secondary considerations.

Making money is the primary reason you're there. Here's how you do it:

1. Always include a link to your website. If the forum doesn't permit links, leave it and find a different one that permits.

2. Don’t do any sales persuades on the forums. Any sales pitches will just be removed by the forum's moderators. Instead, express your opinion. Provide your real name and your website link in your signature.

3. Ask others in the forum for help using a good thread headline. Not only is this an acceptable way of getting members into a discussion but also an effective way of getting members to know you plus generating targeted traffic for your website.

4. Look for a unique good domain name advice, and then submit it. You will be amazed how members click the link in your signature to be directed to your website.

To show you an example of how a good forum thread should be, i have done a paragraph of it using an italic font below:

I Need an Advice on Expired Domain Names

I have just updated my website with a new list of ten expired domain names. Would some of you go there appraise them and give me opinions? I'd truly appreciate your opinions and advice. Click this link____________to be directed to my website.

People love helping and giving their opinions, and they'll click on your ads while they're on your website. So, there is more you derive from the postings you make on forums which otherwise you would have missed if you never did.

Forums frequently show the total number of times each thread has been viewed, so look at these numbers. As a serious domain name reseller, you should aim threads that have sufficient traffic. If you find threads that have many more views than others, make some posts there or begin a new thread on the same topic. In other words, go where the traffic is, and get in on some of it.

At first I wasn't fond of the idea. Then, I made a few posts and saw my website's traffic and income increase for several days. That was enough to convince me. Of course, you should always be polite and offer value to others.

There are many ways of marketing your domain name website, all in all this hub has just imparted you a clue on how to get started with domain names forums. And now that you have a clue, go ahead and experiment yourself and see how domain name forums work.


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