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Getting Famous

Updated on November 18, 2009

Do you often dream of being famous? Many people yearn for the acknowledgement and adoration that celebrities and other famous individuals have, but often never act on those desires. If you wish to be famous, but are unsure about how to go about doing so, here are a few tips to help:

1. Attend casting calls for acting, singing, modeling, or dancing roles. Once you build up your resume, landing bigger and better performing roles wil be easier. Venues like "American Idol" and "So You Think You Can Dance" may seem like a quick way to get you in the spotlight, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The probability of even making it on the show (or in the audition building for that matter) is pretty slim as it is, as you would be competing against talent from all over the nation. Even making it on the show or winning won't guarantee your chances, as many people find that their 15 minutes of fame ends much quicker than they expected. Still, it is always a possibility. However, by honing your skills and doing the work, you'll have much more solid footing in the performing world than the flavor of the week.


2. Invent something new and patent your idea. If it is a hit, your name will be synonymous with it. Be sure that your idea is practical and marketable; a waffle iron that plugs into the lighter socket of your car might not have as much demand as you would hope.


3. Create the newest trend. Find something that no one has ever done before, and bring it into style. Or create a new fasion style and wear it around school or work, so everyone will copy it. However, make sure that everyone knows you started it, otherwise, everyone will claim the fame for themselves.


4. Start a worthy cause. While fundraisers are supposed to be about those less fortunate and not about YOU, it is still one way of having something positive associated with your name. You probably won't become famous with this option, but you will end up helping alot of people, and you even get your name on a banner.


5. Go for the world record. Find an activity that no one has tried to record yet, and document your involvement in it (alternatively, you could also beat a current world record, but this might prove to be an even more difficult task than coming up with your own...there's a reason they're in the book in the first place, you know). Then, call Guiness, or another respectable record keeping company, to have them put your name on the records list. This is a good way to not only make yourself famous, but legendary, as your name will continue to grace the pages of world records books for years to come. A couple of things to keep in mind with this option: When coming up with something no one has ever done before, make sure it has significance/appeal (reading a newspaper outside in below freezing temperature is slightly odd, but probably won't make the cut), it doesn't impede on your safety or the safety of others (save the dangerous stunts for the professionals), it isn't illegal, and you have an available witness to testify on your behalf.


While these ideas can't guarantee your success in becoming famous, the effort and determination you put behind it will reflect on your character, which just may make people take notice.


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