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Gitex Bonanza in Dubai- 2011

Updated on October 12, 2011

Gitex is one of the best spectacular bonanzas in Dubai.It will be held in october 8 to15 2011at Airport Expo Dubai and october 9 - 13 Dubai International convention and Exhibition Centre. In 2010 arround onehundred seventy thousand visitors attended Gitex.

This consumer event attracts huge buyers that includes consumers, traders and technologists,IT professionals,students etc. It is the major platform for IT and electronics industry connecting domestic and international professionals.Arround one hundred thirty six thousand ICT professionals will attend this event.This show reveals amazing new gadgets which is cost effective,long lasting with special offers and prizes.In order to make use of this opportunity lot of customer promotions,rewards on purchase,special discount and other competitions will arrange.Wide metro system,road transport facility,parking facility and ticket availability in different values can make use by the visitors.

Innovative new products

This show includes lot of innovative products.

Robostep - : It is a two wheeled self balancing electric vehicle which is driven by electric motors and can go up to 12.5 miles per hour.

Pleo - : The world's first autonomous robot pet. An animatronic dinosaur toy.

Avitron-: The bionic bird that can fly by flapping wings and is controlled by wifi.

You can enjoy and make use of this golden opportunity. I think it would be memorable and remarkable moments in your life.


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