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Give Your Business the Online Reputation that it Deserves

Updated on October 8, 2011

Protect your name and brand on the web.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in businesses that want to control their internet presence. Because of this, a new field of internet services has been presented to business owners – online reputation management. Typically, this involves an internet marketing firm using a blend of search engine optimization (SEO), public relation outlets, and search analytics techniques to help create a reputable online image for their clients. Some reputation management firms offer services that will allow clients to monitor their online reputation as it evolves.

The key goal is to create a plan of action that alters and guides a client’s online persona, emphasizing desirable information while at the same time, working to make incorrect or negative content disappear from the public’s view.

In actuality, the process requires a firm understanding of how major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing rank and rate various types and sources of online content and media. Many firms will spend a generous amount of time doing both offsite and onsite content publication for their clients. In addition, an online reputation management firm will utilize highly regarded, authoritative websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to push unfavorable search results off the first page.

Defend how others see you on the internet.

Don't allow a negative review or inaccurate statement about your business deter people from wanting to do business with you. Defend yourself by managing your online reputation.
Don't allow a negative review or inaccurate statement about your business deter people from wanting to do business with you. Defend yourself by managing your online reputation. | Source

How did online reputation first come about?

A pioneer in the field of reputation management and currently one of the leading firms in the field today is Michael Fertik, a Harvard Law graduate, founded the company in 2006 with the goal of providing a combination of personalized consulting services and online tools to business owners and consumers. Today, the firm employs an estimated 140 people, many of whom are search engine experts and professional content writers.'s business is divided between consumers and enterprises, and the firm provides a distinct set of tools and services designed to aid each type of client. A valuable service that the company offers to their clients is to automatically compile and create monthly reports, giving them the ability to keep track of any changes, whether positive or negative, to their name and brand.

Fertik went on the record saying, "If you think about it as an SEO problem, then it's something every mom and dad can do. If you think about it as a computational problem, it's a much more difficult problem to solve."

With the growing number of businesses and consumers needing to maintain a pristine online reputation, the desire for reputation management services is on the rise too. Be sure to seek out a reputable company with the references and experience needed to help meet your reputation management requirements.

Online Reputation Management And Marketing Video


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