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Giving QUALITY time to both Home and Career

Updated on December 14, 2013

Aligning to self keeps all else in place

Aligning to self-keeps all else in place.
Aligning to self-keeps all else in place. | Source

Work-life balance

Cruel as it may sound---- but the modern business world with all its challenges and pressures is such that “stress” has become a way of life. This itself accounts for the increasing number of : meditation ,physiotherapy ,yoga and counseling centres.

With intensifying pressures of work , there’s tremendous work-life imbalance. Integrating family and work life so as to sustain both with sanity is a challenge for a majority of employees .In such a disruptive scenario ,organizations have to innovate and provide their employees with programs that enable them to unduly balance their responsibilities at workplace and at home and elsewhere.

Exhaustion and declining employee morale are the two major syndromes of work-life disbalance. Thomas and Bennis in their book-Geek and Geezers ,mention how attitudes towards work and life balance have differed across generations. Baby boomers are no more the “give away our lives for our company”-fanatically loyal anymore .Gen X and V employees are committed to meet the demands of both work and family life.

Reconciling the competing claims of both work and home is what the HR teams aim at in most organizations to facilitate better work results and happy employee-ambassadors. Traditional social security measures of maternity leave etc are no more what comprises of work life balance. The concept with its practices has become more deep and expansive in the recent times.

The corporate has to adopt certain well defined strategies in order to tackle work life imbalance .A pre-requisite of this is the provision of organizational support towards maintaining the flexibility of work and life of the employees. This entails the dissemination of flexibility of work ,HR policies and practices and other regulations that enable a sound blend of personal lives with their careers. In this regard ,it is inevitable that the top management of the company must communicate its keen-ness and willingness to organize work schedules as per the comfort of the employee within acceptable limits of course .

Workplace flexibility: In 1999,Procter and Gamble was positioned as second best employer in the category of providing flexible work options to its employees. Workplace flexibility is an effective and practical solution for maintaining effective work-life balance. This reduces stress as it reduces the constraints of time.

The flexible benefits under this would be those of telecommuting from home, flexi-time and a compressed work week. Work-life programs also includes child care facilities-some organizations have crèches ,others organize for games and competitions for the children of their employees. Datamatics limited of Andheri, Mumbai-for instance organizes for pinting competitions for the kids of its employees once in every few months. Elder care facilities and special leave schemes give freedom to the employees to handle and domestic crisis which maybe facing them –without jeopardizing their employment status.

Flexi-time: an HR practice which permits an employee to decide upon his working hours as per his own convenience ,save a few limitations .A Harvard study that questioned employees on their most significant job component—the first priority was “having a schedule that allows me to spend time with my family”.

Under the flexitime policy ,employees are to work for a certain specified hours during the day. Flexible work arrangements, according to a Watson Wyatt Worldwide study resulted in increased productivity owing to the following:

àGreater control on schedules reduce short term abstentations.

àEmployees choose to work during their most productive hours.

àMore flexible service is offered to customers.

Part time employment too has some popularity in recent times :it enables employees to maintain both home and other interests such as higher education etc.

Job Sharing: This practice involves that two part time employees carry out tasks associated with a single job. This, surely demands compatibility between the two work partners.

Telecommuting :Telecommuters are involved in informative jobs that require analysis or research, writing, budgeting, data entry or computer programming .The internet is a superb source of help to them.

Modified retirement is yet another benefit that enables work-life balance to aged employees to work for a few hours in a day for a certain period preceding retirement.

Incorporating spirituality in workplace is the most recent innovation in some organizations. Thus the modern workplace in which you and I are to work with all its challenges is also one which is tolerant and considers the comprehensiveness of our beings. Isn’t it wonderful?


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    • NehaRohra profile imageAUTHOR

      Neha Rohra 

      5 years ago from India

      Thankyou Nitesh.

    • niteshrs profile image

      Nitesh Srivastava 

      5 years ago from Bangalore

      Very well written article and good catch on the subject. Job stress has penetrated so much in lives that it is causing high imbalance in people's personal and professional lives. This is why many people today are quitting jobs to find other modes of earning to make a living by themselves. Entrepreneurs and self employed numbers are growing day by day.


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