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Giving Your Business A Boost Through The Power Of Podcasting

Updated on January 11, 2012

Supercharge Your Business With Podcasting

Podcasting can be a super powerful communication method, if harnessed properly. Podcasting gives anyone a voice, a platform, and a waiting audience to perform to. It's the 800 pound gorilla standing in the corner of the room.

Now what is podcasting exactly? Podcasting, as I define it, is internet radio on your terms. Considering the advancement of technology and the internet, the radio was the next easiest thing to "digitize". This kind of internet radio is much better than regular radio. You're not limited to once device, you can listen to a podcast on any computer or mp3 player. You're not limited to location, you can listen to it no matter where you are in the world. You're also not limited by broadcast times, you can listen to a podcast on your own time.

How do I listen to a podcast? Easy. If you have an iPod, Zune, or other mp3 player you can listen to one right now. If you don't, you can listen to it on your computer or other internet connected device. The iPod has a Podcast directory on iTunes that you can access, and the Zune has a Podcast Directory on the Zune Marketplace. There are audio and video podcasts for you to choose from. You can also Google a topic of your own interest and add the word "podcast" after it to see if there are any websites that have a podcast on it. After you find one, all you have to do is "Subscribe" and click play.

The thing with podcasting is that it is also not hard to make one. I have a friend who owns the record of running 8 podcasts at one time, and loved it. Six years ago I created my first podcast and this year I'm embarking on my second podcast specifically about social media called Social Media Roundup. If you have a microphone plugged into a computer and a recording program, you can have a podcast. You might have to add some music and audio elements to make it sound professional though, but that is easy to do. If you don't want to deal with editing and all the back end work, there are others that can handle this sort of work for you instead. You simply need to have a plan and a goal in mind first, before you start podcasting. Simplicity works fine, but you need to have a basic framework set in place before you go live.

Remember when the radio hit in the 1900's? If not, you're probably a wee bit too young, myself included. When the radio came on the scene, it revolutionized the way we could communicate with each other. We would huddle around this box radio and listen to what was going on in the world, in our city, or laugh along to a story. There could be one person sitting in a studio in New York talking into a microphone and a family in California could hear him, as if he was in the same room! It soon became the norm in society and the radio was in every home and office. Simply amazing for its time when you really think about it, and it still is today.

Now we who live in the 21st century have a similar opportunity, except this time it's global. With the click of a button, everyone in the world can hear a podcast. Technology has made it so amazingly simple once again. But where does the true power of podcasting lie?

The power of podcasting lies with you. How you use it, where you use it, and when you use it determines how far podcasting can spread. Even if you're just getting started, by simply using podcasting it can benefit the world. Ultimately the reason podcasting, and even radio, were invented was to share information with those who needed it. By harnessing this power, you can do your part to bring learning to the rest of the searching world.

Rather than leaving this power available to your competitors alone, why not check it out and see how you can super charge your business by adding an easy to produce podcast and start roping in new clients and followers now?

The Social Media Roundup Prince of Podcasting


Taylor Marek Bio

Taylor Marek is a lover of all things "online." He is a firm believer in the power of podcasting and social media. As an integral member of Posse Social Media, he brings a great deal of experience in creating and sharing podcasts, blogs, vlogs and more. As the current head of WP Web Design Experts Milwaukee, he is dedicated to helping businesses reach their full potential online.


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    • taylormarek profile image


      6 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

      Awesome content as always. If you liked this article, please leave a comment yourself! :)


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