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Global Business Cultural Analyis: Argentina

Updated on November 5, 2015

To begin with, I lived this culture in Argentina

I was fortunate enough to have lived in Argentina during 2009, and experience the true struggle the people endure day in and day out.; however, apart from having an emotional attachment to Argentina, academically, Argentina is a forever changing country. The people are a happy, welcoming group of people, but is this how their emotional state really is? Most people earn a living working for the government or selling products on the street with no true form of income.


Eva Peron's Grave Site, the wife of Juan Peron, the creator of Peronism
Eva Peron's Grave Site, the wife of Juan Peron, the creator of Peronism

Economic Downfall in Argentina

Between their economic downfall in 2001, and going through almost a dozen economic leaders within a few weeks span, Argentina remains an enthralling country. I would like to know why the economy fell in the first place. Furthermore, I would like to learn more about the Dirty War. How did the Dirty War affect Argentina, Latin America, and the world as a whole? I would like to learn the impact on Peronism on Argentina (negative or positive). Argentina is a country that seems to stick together. I would like to learn if the people accept American culture, politics, and help in a positive or negative way. The economic situation is so bad in Argentina; I would like to know how it has affected the living of the people in Argentina, not just big cities such a Buenos Aires. Is there animosity among those in counties?

Dirty War: Madres de Plaza de Mayo

Political Problems in Argentina

Also, their politics have grown very confrontational throughout the years. I would like to see how Cristina de Fernandez Kirchner has handled the backlash many Argentinians have put upon her. Furthermore, has she done better or worse for her country? From personal experience, I have seen that she has truly divided an already tightly knit group of patriots, but through research I would like to figure out what has really happened. Apart from the political side of Argentina, I would like to learn how American culture has become integrated into Argentine life, but also visa versa. Argentina has a rich history of music, dance, history, and culture. I would like to further research how this history has affected others. And finally, I would like to see the recent controversies with the Falkland Islands will be resolved. Will there be another war, or will Argentina back down?

Casa Rosada

Argentina's Charm

Quick Lesson on Argentine Culture

Just take a look at the dimensions of Argentina’s cultures:

Communication: The main language is Spanish, though it is a castellan Spanish. The” ll” are pronounced as “jo” as well as the y is pronounced as jo. The influx of German and Italian immigrants has greatly affected the language of Argentina.

Religion: The largest religious group in Argentina is Catholics (88%) due to the groups that have found the country; however, there has been a great influx of Jewish people here.

Dealing with change: The economy has been the biggest change in Argentina. The quote directly from a source the encyclopedia of Argentina states:

“Argentina has one of the most highly developed economies and most advantageous natural resource bases of Latin America, but political instability and conflicts among various sectors of the economy have delayed the realization of this potential. The delay has likely been lengthened by the four-year recession that turned into an acute financial crisis in 2001–02 that reduced Argentina's per capita income from $7,330 in 2001 (the highest in Latin America) to $2,700 in 2002 (the sixth-highest), and left an estimated 54.3% of the population below the poverty line. It may have set a modern record for the amount of wealth lost in the shortest period of time.”

Role of gender- Their view of gender is very different. They have no problem having women presidents, in fact many women throughout South America have been presidents including Chile and Brazil to name a few, and the current Argentine president is a woman. The men have high regards for the women and find beauty in women of all sorts of ways. The men in Argentina do not view the women as America does. America believes women are to be what models immolate them to be. After speaking with many, many Argentine men they have all responded, beauty comes from who they are not what they are.

The Argentinians have done their best to make do with what they have; however, an integration of American support could help the country greatly. I am not even proposing to give the country money. But their very problem lies in their poor management skills with finances. Some sort of help the government, even in an inadvertently through Chile who seems to have their country’s economy in a better state. There just needs to be an intervention before it is too late, and Argentina grows an animosity towards us as other Latin American countries have.


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