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A Guide to Creating a Modern Office

Updated on July 23, 2013

Innovation and Technology

In the last decade, innovation and technology have made incredible advances worldwide. This has led to an entirely new way of living and working, and one place where we can see these changes particularly is in an office. It seems laughable that only a few years ago a secretary was expected to sit on a hard wooden chair while using a typewriter all day. These days people do not use typewriters, and they no longer sit on wooden chairs. A modern office is designed to be comfortable, and in many cases is more luxurious than a worker's home. Some of the factors that have changed significantly are the advancements in technology, the look of an office, the style of furniture, and also the implementation of eco-friendly materials and policies.

Modern Office Equipment

The advances in technology have meant that an office can be minimalistic, where not much space is required to fit in all the necessary equipment. Because all information is stored on hard drives, there is no need for hundreds of archives and shelf space. Office equipment is much smaller than it used to be, and also much lighter. Many pieces of equipment are now combined; one machine can be used in place of several. This has led to the size of individual work spaces being decreased, and because many people work in teams, offices are designed so it is easy for them to communicate.

Modern offices can be furnished with wooden pieces, or more sleek minimalistic styles.
Modern offices can be furnished with wooden pieces, or more sleek minimalistic styles. | Source

Eco-Friendly Furnishings for the Office

Office furniture has changed considerably and is now ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort all day. Green furniture has also become extremely popular and many companies are using office chairs, desks and cabinets made from environmentally friendly woods from sustainable forests. One material commonly used is bamboo, which grows very quickly and is plentiful. Furniture made from bamboo is usually chemical free, including any paint or sealer applied to the furniture.

Other popular choices of eco-friendly office furnishings include pieces that are made from recycled material. Some companies also like to buy refurbished furniture, which saves it from going into landfills.


Green Office Policies

In addition to using environmentally friendly furniture, many companies are also implementing other green policies to help protect our environment. These include providing bins for recycling, using only computers that are extremely energy-efficient, and things such as biodegradable cups for water instead of plastic bottled water.

Paper use will be kept to a minimum with everything stored on computers, and any paper that is used will be recycled. Purchasing refillable inkjets is another way that companies can help protect the environment and many also buy only natural products to clean the office.

Some companies also offer employees an extra payment if they travel to work on public transport or organize a car pool.


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