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Globalization: Guatemalan Coffee Farmers

Updated on June 11, 2016

Discuss the impacts of globalization on the coffee farmers in Guatemala. How does buying a cup of coffee affect coffee farmers in Guatemala?

In the video, they stated that coffee was Guatemala’s biggest seller the problem is that most of the farmers of Guatemala’s coffee farm our families who can barely scrape by on a few profits that they are making off the selling of the coffee. The coffee farmers are very family oriented and they want what is best for their kids so they make them study and focus on their schooling and hope they one day they will not have to struggle to get by as they have struggled. Most of these coffee farmers try to grow and sell their coffee without using a middleman that way they can keep all of the profit, however even doing it that way is not making them much. The ones who are selling through the middle man when it takes that family a while to pick the beans and get to the middleman the longer it takes the middleman to get them sold and less profit they make. They started a co-op and some of the coffee farmers joined it and the ones who did are now making a bit more profit than they were making.

The world's developing countries vary from extremely poverty-stricken societies in which hunger and starvation are daily problems to others that have incorporated a great deal of industrialized technology into their economy and will soon be viewed as developed countries. Like the coffee farmers in Guatemala, they struggle against having very little money or not having any money at all to provide for their families. This, in turn, makes it extremely difficult for them to live and provide for their family.

How does this relate to globalization? Would what you saw in the video, and what you read in the book, change your consumption patterns?

This relates to globalization because now that the coffee in Guatemala is globally exported the coffee are being asked to produce more and more coffee with less and less pay. I, on the other hand, would not have to change my consumption of coffee, because I do not drink it.

Globalization of the coffee bean


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    • Victoria Watts profile image

      Vic Watts 22 months ago from Metter, Ga

      I agree with that Corinn. Having a little money is better than no money at all.

    • profile image

      corinn 22 months ago

      I do not drink coffee either, however, if no one purchased Columbian coffee, those families would like have no income at all, rather than having very little (little is better than nothing). I also saw a show on TV once, on which I learned that the many Columbians will sell their best quality coffee to other countries, keeping only the lower quality coffee to be sold within Columbia.