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Celeb Wedding Miracle

Updated on January 4, 2013

wedding miracle

I know a lot of believers who run into debts and counted their losses after weddings but ours was a miraculous wedding and we counted our surpluses.There came a time in my life when I felt I was ready to marry but with all the sisters around me in church and those I have met in school and office, I could not find my wife. But I promised God that whenever He showed me my wife, I would propose and marry her…no long courtship.


I have been in my local church for 7 years and had believed God for my wife for close to 3 years but I still trusted God to bring my wife from wherever she was to my local assembly. I had heard of some marriages across local assemblies and of revelations that threatened or tore the marriages apart just because the couples were not able to monitor or confirm claims of spiritual experience and maturity before their wedding.

There were even cases of double marriages where a man got married to a woman say in his local assembly in Abuja and went ahead to consummate another marriage with another woman in a church say in Lagos.

There was even a case of a man who had concluded traditional marriage rite with a woman in another local assembly only to abandon her and pick a woman from yet another local assembly to wed in his church as wife. It was close to a year after the said marriage before things started unfolding but by then the woman was already pregnant with their first child. She thought she could manage the situation since God hates divorce. However, one thing led to more unpalatable and even life threatening revelations and separation was inevitable.

I am not recommending that we must marry only from our local assembly nor are my proposing a must inter-local assembly marriage for it will mean playing God. But sheep must marry sheep and goat must marry goat; any other combination is out of divine order.

However, God orchestrated events that brought my wife from a local assembly in Surulere Lagos to my local assembly in Apapa also in Lagos state, just as I asked…a miracle!


It was my irrevocable desire to wed in my church. There is a common tradition that favours wedding in the woman’s local assembly or that of her parents. This desire could be selfish or call it childish but I am just a child of God and my desires whenever I prayed were as it should be…selfish and childish and still God answered me, now I can testify.

I loved my local assembly and have spent most of my early conversion years there. I could not think of any other assembly that I would be more supported during my wedding and I was also not ready to wed in an assembly whose culture is alien to me; no thanks to Christian denominational dichotomy.

My parents-in-law were of a different denomination, thank God they were Christians and I can boast of having the best in-laws in the whole wild world and I mean every word of it. They loved their daughter to do them the honour of marrying in their church according to the common tradition but God granted us favour before them as we tried to convince them that since their daughter and I am in the same assembly, our desire is to be allowed to wed in our church. They obliged us…again this was another miracle!


Alcoholic drink and other fetish practices are rampant in most traditional marriages of Christians. There is a general consensus amongst most believers including pastors that to “give what is Caesar to Caesar” is to give whatever the idolatrous tradition demands and “fulfilling all righteousness” means to allow incantations and alcoholic libations on ourselves during traditional marriage rites.

I will not compromise my faith because of marriage. I did not get help from anyone but negotiated the traditional marriage list by myself trusting God to grant me my heart desires. After initial disagreement concerning the content of the traditional marriage list given me, God intervened and my father-in-law agreed to remove all offensive items from the list.

To God be the glory, I testify that there was no use of alcoholic beverages in my wedding neither were there any fetish item allowed in the list. To many this was impossible but our God makes impossibilities possible…this was a miracle again!


My wife agreed to my proposal after few months of our acquaintance and I was in a hurry to fix the date as I promised God some years back. My wife just finished her postgraduate studies and wanted me to allow her get a job and work for at least one year before fixing the wedding dates. Her request almost made me want to ask God if I made a mistake but by divine intervention she agreed and we fixed the dates of both the traditional and church wedding.

The budget for the weddings was staggering and with my meager personal savings, a miracle is the only way out. A wedding budget (including rent for a bigger accommodation from my one room self-contained BQ) of over N950, 000.00 was taken care of from my N30, 000.00 seed of faith; all my life savings.

I remember giving my only savings to my fiancée now my wife and said “take this and start buying things for the wedding”.

I spoke as if I had more money stashed away somewhere, no; I spoke as one whose trust is in the one who owns the cattle upon a thousand hills. The release of what I had by faith activated miraculous events ever experienced in my life before then as a Christian. I was receiving cash supports from both expected and unexpected sources and so was my wife. I believe God saw that I have reached my limits, I have given Him the rod in my hand and he turned it to His instrument for the miraculous.

My faith was unshakeable; I have the all sufficient God with me. He started with the traditional wedding where he brought a brother who took charge of all the drinks and some of my brethren who took up various items from my list. Somebody gave my wife’ a beautifully London made gown, another made the cake.

WE COUNTED OUR BLESSINGS AFTER… We retired to our honey moon suite straight from the reception venue and before consummating our marriage we first counted our cash gifts.Our material gifts filled the whole room donated to us by one of my brother in church for the purpose until we returned and moved to our bigger house. You can also have a miraculous marriage but you must hold on to God.


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