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Going Bald and Your Personality Flaws

Updated on April 22, 2016

Going Bald and Your Flaws

I was talking with my brother-in-law the other day and he was telling me about an epiphany he had while looking in the mirror. You see, he is going bald. Everyone who knows him sees he is going bald but when he looks in the mirror he does not see the bald spot because it is on the back side of his head. If you look at him straight on, you might not see the spot either, but if you see him from the back or even slightly elevated, you see the round dome.

He said while he was brushing his teeth in the morning he realized that he had a problem that everyone else could see except himself. He started to think of other areas in his life that others could see, but that he either could not or refused to accept. I found his train of thought very interesting. How many times has someone come to you and pointed out some flaw in your character, but you refused to accept the advice or criticism?

First off, it takes either a bold friend or spouse to even point flaws out in people anymore. People would rather compliment one another than sharpen or challenge them. But if it is true that businesses want teams of employees working together to solve problems, then we need to be able to not only point out areas of weakness, but to accept them as well. If someone you work with asks you to show up on time to meetings, do it. If you're asked to have a report done by such and such a date, then have it done. And for crying out loud, if you are expected to represent a company in a certain way, then see that it is done with enthusiasm.

When my brother-in-law looks at himself in the mirror he does not see his baldness, or the fact that it is encompassing a larger portion of his head every year. But he knows he is going bald because it has come up in conversations multiple times. If he chose to ignore it and deny it then it would turn into fodder for those around him. Don't let your short comings become fodder. No one likes a person with too much fodder material. No one.


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