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Going for that Big Interview

Updated on July 29, 2011

Going For That Big Interview

Going For That Big Interview
Going For That Big Interview | Source

Interview Tips

Going For that Big Interview

Going For that Big Interview

Have you ever caught yourself going for that big interview in which the job is one in a million? The job you have been searching for hours and days on end on the internet to find out what the interview may turn out to be. This is an obsessive account of just that job. Maybe I am the only one that has studied up on this company like none other and though it is not an easy job to obtain, it has a future with great money and benefits. The job that makes you feels like you’re a somebody, not just a man or women flipping hamburgers for a living. Yes, the job where you can hold your head up high and say, “Yes, I work for so and so and I really like it”. Well that is the day time dream at least for this position in status and employment you would like to think it will be. It could be the worse job ever , yet it is with the company you have wanted to work for since you were younger, and never could get past all the red tape due to a multitude of problems you may have had at the time the offer was available.

Well now you’re set, you have a clean system for the drug test; your background is good enough to possibly pass the check that this one company is insistent about. Reference checks are in order and you’re in good shape for the position. What could go wrong? Hopefully nothing, except that they will put you on hold for four weeks while they make the checks on your background and test you may have to take to qualify for this certain position. All in all it could take up to six weeks for an answer to give you a start day. This is at least what you would expect when you think you’re qualified and ready for this important position that you feel that possibly they are going to not get looked over this time.

Oh, the pearls and stresses of the waiting time? When am I going to get the call I so desperately need, so I can start to make the money and start enjoying the benefits of this one job? When is the phone going to finally ring from human resources to let me know some type of answer. This is the tough part after an initial interview is your background check and what the hell is on my back ground that might get into the way.

Well, it’s unfair and that is part of life, it makes you wonder if these executives realize the struggles one goes through in having to wait it out for four to six weeks and how would they pay their bills. This is a no brainer, the executives made up the stupidity of the rules by which you are governed to accept a job with their company. They are like the government, they make up the rules but they don’t have to follow them. Therefore in the meantime if you’re like me, waiting for the answer from this interview and reading this, my thumbs up to you. I am waiting just like you are and that’s possibly why you are reading this article.

Therefore , article writing does come in handy when your waiting for a job interview status to rear its ugly head. I guess this is the reason I wrote this is out of pure boredom. The idea of writing when your out of work and reading is a smart way to fill your time. There are some writing jobs on the internet , and I have made some money doing these, and lost some as well. When you’re going for that big interview though and have to wait, try to stay busy mentally and physically.

Christopher Hyer


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