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Gold Canyon Candles Products: Emerge/ and Homeology

Updated on March 7, 2013

Introducing Gold Canyon & The Perfect Candle

Gold Canyon started in 1997, with a dream and a little kitchen in Arizona. The founders wanted to create a candle that would smell just as strong and aromatic as it did in stores. The founders wanted you, the consumer, to know that you were getting every ounce of wax you paid for. And that the candles should burn evenly - NOT stick to the side of the jar!

Curt and Karen Waisath were determined to bring you the perfect candle, and thus set forth the making of Gold Canyon Industries.

Their dream quickly turned into a journey, and thus the creation of "The World's Finest" was brought to life.

They skip no corners when creating the perfect candles. Worldwide research has been done to bring the very best fragrances, wicks, wax and additives. The Gold Canyon founders are 100% confident that they created the very best in fine fragranced products.


Gold Canyon is more than just Candles

The quality, value and performance of the Gold Canyon scents are unmistakable, and our amazing fragrances are what makes our products world renown. Each candle, flame-less fragrance, body product and home cleaning product goes through extensive testing and modifications by a team of certified fragrance experts.

You can rest assured that our flame-less fragrances have the same strength our candles are famous for.

Some examples of our flame-less fragrances are :

  • Auto Freshener - Fragrance on the go. Hang this on the review mirror of your car and sitting in traffic will become much more enjoyable!
  • Room Spray - This is the strongest on the market. Even better than Febreeze! All it takes is a little spritz to do the trick.
  • Homeology - All purpose cleaner for use anywhere dirt, dust and grime hang out. And yes we mean ANYWHERE! This scented miracle cleaner is even pH balanced to make it safe for use on granite.
  • Wickless Candles - our Scent Pod warmers are the patented answer to wax melts.
  • Reed Diffusers - Diffusers are making a sophisticated style comeback!
  • Emerge Body Care - Truly is for everyday indulgence with products such as: Raise your hand silk, Grains of truth hand scrub, Renew your soul bath soak and so much more. Truly will give you a spa feeling right at home!
  • Scentmate Fan Diffuser Truly bringing out the fun side of fragrance. This will be your little scent soul mate. At the touch of a button you can transform your favorite spaces into a fragrance haven by adding your favorite home fragrance oil.

Gold Canyon's Change for Children Program

I'm a passionate Gold Canyon Demonstrator. But I'm even more passionate about helping those in need. And Gold Canyon's Change for Children and the Prayer Child Foundation is amazing!

The Mission of the Prayer Child Foundation is to "Make a difference in the lives of children with physical and emotional challenges, so they can experience the joy of a normal childhood."

To date the Prayer Child Foundation ( has donated over $2.4 million to help those children in need.

And you can help to when you order from my website. Any purchase of a Candles for Kids candle or Candles for Kids Scent Pod goes directly to the Prayer Child Foundation. Yes you read that right, 100% of the profits goes to the organization.

This all goes along with the Change for Children Program. Say you don't want to buy a Candle for Kids Candle. Well anything else that you purchase can go towards it to! Say your total is $17.50 you have the option of rounding up your order to $18 and that extra .50cents will go towards the Prayer Child Foundation as well. It's a win win situation! Changing a life is easy!

More to come

This hub is just an outline of the awesomeness that is Gold Canyon. If you have any questions about Gold Canyon you can visit my website or message me right below in the comments! Look for new hubs about Gold Canyon and the many more things that we have to offer you!


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