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Golden Age Entrepreneurs

Updated on July 13, 2011

Life over 39!

I have had an interesting time reading a Newsweek article from September 6 about a class of entrepreneurs that are incredibly different from those you usually see in the news everyday. Not a Zuckenberg who started at 19 nor Larry Page nor Sergey Brin who started google at 23. This article was instead about people twice their age! Larry Page has now become CEO.

Even the internet was not spared from these 40+, did you know that the founder and CEO of Zynga, the nefarious company behind the time suckers of Farmville and Mafia Wars, is actually a to quote ‘stereotype-defying 44’! I personally play a rival game of castle age on facebook

So no worries to those who are hitting their mid life’s and getting a bit down, research have even thrown out data and findings that were so mind blowing and trounced conventional wisdom such that a company ended up terminating and putting on life support its early retirement program. The reason? Older workers had better ideas for efficiency, and had a higher hit rate in their innovations!

This should be good news for those of you who are worried about getting fired as you grow older, or when you feel like you are losing your competitive edge. Many entrepreneurs are successful the older they get and they are very often a 40+ year old who tends to be a business or engineer type (sucks to be in the arts, but hey one could always look at journalism that brought the world this article!) and simply got tired of working for others.

They attribute the higher success rates to older people having deeper knowledge of the way money works, what people need, and expertise in technology if relevant, and of course by that age they do have a few friends ready to bankroll indulgences! The only reason you don’t see them much in the news is that they cater directly to other businesses, instead of something more in your face. With the exception of Zynga’s presence on facebook of course. But in a sense Zynga is dealing with another business; facebook. Although, Zuckerberg is getting older each year.

Recently facebook has even been valued at 50 billion by goldman!

So when you next have your birthday, brighten up! It’s not necessarily a bad thing at all! There's a golden age coming! Or even a silver one!


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