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Gomezpeer Legit or Scam

Updated on May 13, 2013

Gomezpeer Legit or Scam

Who couldn't use a few extra dollars in their pocket especially these days. Like many people I was looking around for a way to utilize my excess computer power since I leave them on pretty much all the time anyway. I found a few companies offering such products/services. One such company was Gomez Peer. Basically they use the power of your computer (when idling) to test websites. Its automated, so basically once you load their software there is really nothing else to do.

You won't get rich from this service. They cap earnings at $45 per month. My account became ACTIVE a few months ago and I'm making about $10 per month. Below you will see my actual payment history

Here's an actually screen shot of the software running on my computer


  • Legit service. They pay within 30 days of closing month (via PayPal)
  • No limit on the amount of computers you can use with your account (theoretically the more computers the more you will make)
  • Software is simple to install and stays out of the way of your normal use
  • Set it....AND...Forget it!!


  • Can take several months (maybe longer) for your account to become ACTIVE
  • You can't carry over processing time or money when account is PENDING
  • Your electric cost may not warrant the effort

Final Thoughts

It did take about 6 months for my account to become ACTIVE but this does vary depending on computer type, location, internet connection, etc. If you do want to give Gomezpeer a try I would recommend to be patient and follow them on social media. They are pretty good about tweeting updates.

If you have any questions feel free to use the COMMENTS section below.

If you want to give Gomezpeer a try you can sign up HERE

Thank you!!


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