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Good Business Ideas For The Home Based Entrepreneur

Updated on March 22, 2011

If you're itching to launch your own small business but are petrified by the prospect of forking over a lot of money up front for an office space or commercial property then I have some news for you. The real truth of the matter is that you can start a home based business that will allow you to avoid these often enormous costs altogether. The vast majority of new small businesses in America start out in this fashion, as a matter of fact.

One good business idea would be to start your own lawn care and grass cutting service out of your home garage or shed. It's easy to get this business going if you already have things like a lawn mower and trimmer. If you so desire you could even expand the business down the road by adding on other outdoor-related services like full-blown landscaping, leaf removal, and snow removal. This tends to be a very consistent, though seasonal, business because as long as grass grows and leaves fall you'll always have work to do.

If you don't mind getting a little dirty while earning a living then starting a residential maid service from home could be an excellent match. All that's really required is a little space in your kitchen or garage to store things like cleaners, scrub brushes, gloves and mops. Just apply a little elbow grease and watch the money roll in like clockwork! This one is similar to lawn maintenance because there's never a shortage of homes or businesses to clean. Humans make messes and will always need someone to clean them up.  You'll need to leave your pride at the door, however, because common sense should tell you that you're going to run across some pretty disgusting situations from time to time with this kind of service.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

Another good business idea that tends to be very profitable is to become a home based freelance writer. Resume writers, in particular, make very good money for their skills. You can do this from the comfort of a home office so long as you have a computer, internet access, and a quiet space to work in. This kind of work can become monotonous, however, so make sure to give yourself breaks throughout the day to avoid burnout. Also make a real effort to forge long-term relationships as they will be your bread-and-butter in the long run and they will cut down on the time you have to spend getting new prospects.

If you like kids and are a stay at home mom (or dad) then you might consider starting a home based daycare center for the neighborhood kids. You could undercut all the local chains and probably still make a very nice chunk of change every single week. If you don't mind cleaning up the occasional milk spill and have a huge amount of patience then this might be just the option for you. The best part of this kind of business is that you get to spend time with your own kids while you're working, which is something that 99% of businesses simply cannot afford you. Just be ready to deal with all kinds of kids and parents. They won't all be "peaches and cream"!

As you can tell the possibilities for a home based business are virtually limitless. You're limited only by your skill set, desire to work hard, and imagination. Keep in mind that just because you're starting a new business venture doesn't mean that you have to cough up your life savings in the process.


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