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How To Spot A Good Commercial Insurance Agent

Updated on June 2, 2010

Over time a good commercial insurance agents can become a valuable business adviser. After you have purchased commercial insurance policy's from one of more companies then a very good commercial insurance agent will not just disappear or only show up to send you cards for holidays or your birthday.

He or she should be contact with you on a regular basis checking on how your business is going, any large or major equipment you may have recently purchased, and any real estate purchases you may have made, or facility improvements or enhancements, or construction projects you may be pursuing right now.

You insurance agent should "get to know you" and your business

As time passes your insurance agents should also be getting more familiar with your business and your individual concerns, your agent will become very knowledgeable about your insurance needs and perhaps even be able to know them before you do.

Also, to make sure that they are keeping you as a good customer, They will always be on the look out for ways to save you as much money as possible on your commercial insurance plan price.

As your chosen insurance company offer and issues new "products", a good insurance agent should keep you informed of these new developments and how they effect you, or may even get a better deal of your coverage or sometimes even both. Inquisitive, is a one sign of a good commercial insurance agent, they should always be this, with lots of penetrating questions about your business, this isn't because they are being nosy as you might think. Your insurance agent should do this as a way to providing you the best and most they can from his or her company for the best deal that will work for you, not only in price but also in coverage.

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A good commercial insurance agent should stay ahead

A great commercial insurance agent will also stay ahead of the insurance industries developments, beyond his or her companies offers to ensure you the best. He or she should be just as knowledgeable on the information and policies, coverages, and premiums of competitors and also know exactly where their own insurance company fits into the grand scheme of the commercial insurance industry.

They may well even often attend educational courses and seminars to keep the up to date facts about the insurance economy, and economic trends. Because of this constant learning of information and facts intake, good commercial insurance agents may even be great resources if you need information. And will even be happy to be a "brain trust," for his or her clients, in other words, one you can consult with often and whenever particular needs come up.

The relationship between you and your agent is important

As you can clearly see, a business's survival and growth and well being can all be extremely dependant upon the relationship the business owner and the commercial insurance agent have together, and most certainly should be nurtured and grown, and not only by the insurance agent but also by the business owner as well. In any healthy and vital relationship of any kind there are two participating sides, and in this instance there is no difference, two people must grow the relationship.

Any smart business owner who wants to keep their company growing and healthy will often consult and constantly seek out information from his or her commercial insurance company agent, with gratitude, and this is for the information he or she can give about the issue you both highly care about: The health, growth and well being of your business, which you and your commercial insurance agent obviously both highly depend on.


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